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For PRs

PressQuest: Become a news source

Do you want to be quoted as an expert source in news articles, and benefit from the exposure that this brings?

Then you need a free PressQuest account.

PressQuest allows you to receive the latest requests for information from journalists, offering a great opportunity to get your name out into the media.

It is so simple to get involved. Create your free account now and choose which categories you want to subscribe to - choose categories that relate closely to your expertise. Once you are set up, every time a journalist puts out an information request on PressQuest that matches your categories, you will be notified, and can volunteer the requested information.

If the journalist uses your information, you will be credited in the article and will come across as a knowledge leader in your field.

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For Journalists

PressQuest: Get the information you need, fast

If you need some facts, quotes or statistics for your news or feature story and don't have the contacts you need, then we are here to help.

PressQuest is a free service for journalists that allows you to easily submit information requests to our network of public relations companies and get the responses you need.

It is easy to get started. Simply register your account now in just a couple of minutes, and from then on, whenever you need a source, you can simply log in and post your request.

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Please note: your requests will be forwarded to PR companies not the general public, so this service is not suitable for general case study requests.

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