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Engineer Roni Savage has been awarded a Fellowship of the Institution of Civil Engineers

Engineer & entrepreneur Roni Savage has been awarded a Fellowship of the Institution of Civil Engineers (FICE). Her company, Jomas Associates works with residential & commercial developers, local authorities as environmental specialists.

Posted on 06/12/19
Arete22 announce black tie Christmas party date.

To celebrate the successful year Arete22 have had, the firm has organised their annual Christmas Party for 21st December.

Posted on 06/12/19
Nonpareil Associates take a look at factors that drive motivation

When you run a team of hungry individuals, hitting the motivation note is key to producing excellent, and consistent, results.

Posted on 06/12/19
Emergency Locksmith in London

Emergency Locksmith is a locksmiths team that works in London and the surrounding area (25miles) - bringing professionalism and low prices to another standard in a very short time.

Posted on 06/12/19
Big Van World boss shares 40 business tips as he turns 40!

Michael Austen is the boss of Big Van World, the UK's largest used van supermarket. He started selling vans in 2000 & now his business is turning over close to £18million. Michael turns 40 this month & is sharing 40 tips for business & his sector.

Posted on 05/12/19
Clothing and lifestyle retailer releases new Winter lines and gifts ahead of Christmas

Clothing, lifestyle and gift retail brand, Roxtons, have released new gift and stocking filler ranges on their online shop for the winter season.

Posted on 05/12/19
Freelancers mental health at risk from badly behaving clients

New research suggests nearly half of freelancers are struggling with poorer mental health as a result of clients not taking consideration of their extended workforce's mental wellbeing.

Posted on 05/12/19
Hotel rates in Wolverhampton rise significantly on match days

Hotel rates in the city of Wolverhampton rise by an average of 37% on days when Wolverhampton Wanderers play at home, according to a survey by

Posted on 04/12/19
Independent safety audits of member’s properties announced by guardian providers

The Property Guardian Providers Association, set up last year to benchmark standards for companies operating in the property guardian sector, has agreed a co-ordinated partnership with a Primary Authority.

Posted on 04/12/19
Wiltshire business becomes only South West distributor of MotionR vans inspired by rallying and super cars

Big Van World, the UK's largest used van supermarket, has become the only South West supplier of the eye-catching MotionR vehicles. These Ford vans are functional, reliable with bespoke carbon fibre styling packages & handcrafted leather interiors.

Posted on 03/12/19
Immensus Associates weighs in on success habits

It seems that nowadays, everyone is striving for success. We live in a very modern world, and the corporate days of old no longer reign true in many industries.

Posted on 03/12/19
Immensus Associates investigates the understanding of emotional intelligence

Being intelligent is something we all strive for. Many of us often read and make time for added learning in our days so that we can gain more knowledge and become more intelligent.

Posted on 02/12/19
Champtronix on the need for wise conversations

Running a business is, at times, a tricky thing. Running a business in a fast-paced industry is even tougher. Champtronix is a full-service customer acquisitions company whose focus is on people.

Posted on 02/12/19
Champtronix investigate how self-belief can lead to achieving goals

Believing in yourself is a tough but necessary trait needed in the customer acquisitions industry. Champtronix has been in the business of acquiring customers for their clients at a rapid rate over the last couple of years.

Posted on 02/12/19
Trade Facilities Services offers full range of electrical compliance services with Electrical Certificate

Trade Facilities Services is a provider of electrical tests on both domestic & commercial properties in London and Essex. They work with landlords of the properties and carry out a range of electrical compliance services with an electrical certificate.

Posted on 02/12/19

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Original Frankel horse racing painting up for auction 13th December

Chaucer Auctions announce the sale of a Sir Henry Cecil inspired oil painting of the legendary Horse, Frankel. This was completed by artist Nichola Eddery, as both Sir Henry and original Artist Michael Jeffery sadly passed away before completion.


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