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SMEs and Autumn Statement: UK200Group verdict

A number of the UK200Group’s members have given their initial views of the Autumn Statement’s impact on the SME community, spanning industries as varied as agriculture, fintech, charities and sole traders

Posted on 23/11/16
Blue Moose reviews hotly anticipated John Lewis Christmas advert

Following last year’s heart-warming ‘Man on the Moon’ campaign, Blue Moose has considered John Lewis’ iconic Christmas advert and discussed the impact it has on viewers

Posted on 07/12/16
MJ Experia Marketing celebrate contractor development

With recent successes throughout their business development opportunity, MJ Experia Marketing is celebrating and encouraging others to make the most of this unique opportunity

Posted on 07/12/16
Announcing IRM UK's Enterprise Architecture and Business Analysis seminars for spring 2017

IRM UK is pleased to announce our upcoming seminars on Enterprise Architecture and Business Analysis featuring world class speakers including: Roger Burlton, Alec Sharp, Chris Potts, James Archer, John Zachman and Cort Coghill

Posted on 06/12/16
Festive treats from Pacey Promotions

In the spirit of the season, sales and event marketing firm Pacey Promotions has revealed a line-up of Christmas treats for their contractors and shared how other companies can embrace the festive season

Posted on 06/12/16
Skyline Marketing outlines importance of SMART goals

Liverpool-based sales and marketing specialists, Skyline Marketing hosted an insightful meeting on SMART Goals. Here, the firm reveals how setting goals is the major difference between successful and unsuccessful people

Posted on 06/12/16
Rego Interactions Managing Director to feature in major entrepreneur publication

Alex Davies, Managing Director of Newcastle's freshest new sales firm Rego Interactions, is set to be featured in an upcoming edition of Limitless Magazine. In the piece, Mr Davies will speak about his experiences and journey to entrepreneurship

Posted on 06/12/16
Live Innovations reviews 2016’s top Christmas marketing campaigns

With Christmas just around the corner, the UK’s biggest brands unveiled their Christmas marketing campaigns last week to get consumers into the festive spirit. Live Innovations has reviewed some of their favourites

Posted on 06/12/16
Fortitude Plethora go all in for 2017

After generating some fantastic results, and reaching a number of significant milestones over the last few weeks, Fortitude Plethora has shared how they are going ‘all in' as the New Year approaches.

Posted on 06/12/16
5 books that will change your life according to Strategic Five Marketing

Sales and marketing specialist’s Strategic Five Marketing urge entrepreneurs to add these five books to their bucket list of must reads

Posted on 06/12/16
Live Innovations: the connection between discipline and success

London-based Live Innovations discusses how discipline enables people to have more control over their futures and therefore, are more likely to achieve their goals

Posted on 05/12/16
Pacey Promotions: are you sports minded? We need you!

Pacey Promotions, a Manchester based sales and marketing firm believe that when it comes to excelling in the industry, having a background in sport can give an individual the edge

Posted on 05/12/16
Inspired by Global Entrepreneurship Week? Blue Moose unveils best startup tips

Following Global Entrepreneurship Week last week, Blue Moose has published their advice for budding entrepreneurs to ensure their startup has the best chance for success

Posted on 05/12/16
Goldstream Incorporated devoted to creating a rewarding and motivational company culture

Goldstream Incorporated offers potential candidates an insight into what their company culture is like by outlining how they keep contractors engaged and motivated to work

Posted on 05/12/16
Phoenix Event Marketing: are you taking care of number one?

Sales and marketing firm Phoenix Event Marketing are concerned that many ambitious business professionals are failing to look after themselves. Here the firm outline why mental and physical health is central to success

Posted on 02/12/16

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