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Precision Acquisitions Direct release event schedule for summer

London-based marketing specialists Precision Acquisitions Direct are looking forward to a busy summer. The firm recently shared their events schedule, which will see them take on fresh and exciting campaigns.

Posted on 24/04/17
Goldstream Incorporated admire the characteristic of people who never quit

Successful people don’t quit when the going gets tough. Top sales and marketing agency, Goldstream Incorporated comment on the reasons why the world’s most successful individuals stay resilient and never give up.

Posted on 24/04/17
Are accountants finally closing the expectations gap ?

Maximiti, accountancy practice brokers and consultants has long pointed out the gap between what clients want and what they get.

Posted on 20/04/17

Medigest aims to revolutionise how consumers research and invest in private healthcare. The online platform offers consumers a comprehensive directory of private healthcare providers whilst facilitating discussion between professionals and patients.

Posted on 20/04/17
Leading Hand Spinners Company Releases The Premium Hand Spinner Toy is proud to release its new premium steel hand spinner. This fidget spinner is the new office trend for 2017.

Posted on 20/04/17
Syrac Inspirations host workshop inspired by Tony Robbins 2mm Rule

Sheffield-based event-marketing firm Syrac Inspirations hosted a workshop this week inspired by the Tony Robbins 2mm Rule

Posted on 20/04/17
Damian Crofts of Monarch Movements shares his top public speaking tips

Damian Crofts, Managing Director of Monarch Movements, believes that public speaking is an essential skill required in entrepreneurship, and has shared his top tips accordingly

Posted on 20/04/17
Director at Complete One in attendance for Newcastle Falcons last gasp winner

Complete One’s Glen Lowes was given VIP tickets to attend the Newcastle Falcons Vs Gloucester on Friday April 7th, as part of the firm's official sponsorship deal

Posted on 20/04/17
What makes a great leader? Live Innovations investigates

London-based event marketing specialists Live Innovations believe that every successful business is built on foundations of great leadership. Entrepreneur and director at Live Innovations, Tom Harris is intrigued by what makes a great leader

Posted on 20/04/17
Concilio Solutions confirm UK expansion

After rumours began to circulate within the industry, Concilio Solutions confirmed last week that they are preparing to expand their services and expertise to a brand new location in the UK

Posted on 20/04/17
Get your restless hands busy with the fun and addictive fidget hand spinners

An emerging office trend and perfect for school and home as well, hand spinners are guaranteed to provide fun!

Posted on 19/04/17
Get to know Havoc’s business owner, James Sweetland

In this interview the fresh young businessman, James Sweetland of Havoc, shares how he came to create his brand, sharing what motivates and inspires him

Posted on 19/04/17
Hector Montalvo pledges support for pursuing ‘the big idea’

Last year saw start-ups like Zipline – who’s drones parachute blood and essential medicine to remote Rwandan cities – secure mega financing by pursuing their big dreams

Posted on 19/04/17
UK building acoustics specialist launch new website

The innovative soundproofing company get a fresh new digital presence

Posted on 19/04/17
Vas Promotions put strategies in place for 2017

As part of their growth strategy for 2017, and in light of their ongoing expansion, Vas Promotions has been discussing leadership opportunities and how to create a support network for their workforce

Posted on 18/04/17

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Live Blog 3.1 comes packed with new features, from scorecards for sporting events to native advertising options and real-time analytics. Also new and improved: is now available as a subscription-based cloud service


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