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2016 Modern Families Index Identifies Millennial Parents Under Pressure

Millennial parents are striving to “have it all”, but are struggling to maintain their family and work commitments, according to a major new study of family life.

Posted on 03/02/16
London forum to bring the implications of the Public Services (Social Value) Act into your procurement process, to gain a competitive edge

A London conference, organised by innovative and ethical London property developer Uprise, aims to guide firms through the finer points of the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012

Posted on 02/02/16
Pro UK Consultants reveals everything you need to know about entrepreneurial mindset

Entrepreneur and business owner Jameel Paul of Pro UK Consultants illustrates how an entrepreneurial mindset plays a pivotal role in seizing opportunities, achieving goals and becoming successful.

Posted on 08/02/16
Mazonai Reveal the 2016 Recipe for Success

“Will 2016 be the year you make it big?” Sales and marketing firm Mazonai believes the key to success is learning how to keep an initial burst of inspiration alive, and have revealed how professionals can achieve this in order to reach success.

Posted on 08/02/16
Business owners gather in Dublin for leadership seminar hosted by entrepreneur Josh Cote

Business owners from across the UK gathered together in Dublin at the weekend for an insightful leadership seminar, hosted by the highly successful entrepreneur Josh Cote

Posted on 08/02/16
Edinburgh Leadership Seminar hosted by Josh Cote motivates UK’s leading entrepreneurs

Successful entrepreneur Josh Cote wows business owners with a speech at a leadership seminar that took place at the weekend in Edinburgh

Posted on 08/02/16
Heat Treatment and Hard Coatings Services: The Wallwork Group at MACH 2016, NEC, Stand 4685B

The Wallwork Group return to MACH, at the NEC in April, celebrating the latest phase in a major expansion programme that sees them offering a significantly broader range of heat treatment, hard coating and development services.

Posted on 05/02/16
Smethwick based industrial door and loading bay specialist launches new website

Specialists in industrial door applications and loading bay solutions, Amber Doors, has recently launched a new responsive website

Posted on 05/02/16
Own a unique garden shed in Manchester? Fancy entering Shed of the year 2016?

Own a unique garden shed in Manchester? Fancy entering Shed of the year 2016?

Posted on 05/02/16
Atlas Outsourcing reviews 5 ways sales strategy execution drives revenue

Nottingham-based sales and marketing specialists Atlas Outsourcing reviews five ways a well-executed sales strategy can lead to a surge in revenue.

Posted on 05/02/16
NBE Marketing: Do You Have Personality Intelligence?

Strong leadership relies on many traits such as open communication and the ability to manage time effectively; but do enough leaders possess the ability to gauge different personalities? Sales & marketing firm NBE Marketing investigates.

Posted on 05/02/16
The International Association of Book-keepers celebrate at the Finance and Small Business Awards ceremony

The International Association of Book-keepers invited individuals from across the UK to join them in an annual awards ceremony

Posted on 05/02/16
Vehicle leasing company releases new customer services app

Car leasing company GKL has recently launched its brand new customer services app. The Chesterfield based company, with branches throughout England, designed the app to provide customers with useful information and services, allowing them to focus on their core business

Posted on 04/02/16
Tidy house, tidy mind: Mindfulness and your living space - packaging boxes

If a tidy house does indeed reflect a tidy mind, there are many of us out there living very, very chaotically. Decluttering could be an answer.

Posted on 04/02/16
Forrest Bell kicks off January with weekend in the capital

After achieving industry wide recognition for their innovative sales and marketing solutions, Liverpool-based Forrest Bell is keen to maintain their momentum and kicked off 2016 by attending a special business owner’s event.

Posted on 04/02/16

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