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Institution of Civil Engineers launches book to mark UN's 75th anniversary

The Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) has created a commemorative album entitled UN75: Sustainable Engineering In Action, published by Artifice Press.

Posted on 28/10/20
Air IT Limited acquires leading London Managed Services Provider (MSP) Netstar UK Limited

Air IT is pleased to announce its most recent acquisition - adding London-based MSP Netstar to the group

Posted on 27/10/20
One of the South West's leading digital agencies shares some SEO tips to drive sales in 2021

Smarter Media is a digital agency working with brands including Amaroc, Excalibur and Moovahome. It specialises in intelligent SEO and lead generation by understanding a client's competitors and gaining a deep understanding of a client's business

Posted on 27/10/20
Finding success in the UK's newest independent sales vertical

How businessman Boyd Parker led a small team of independent sales agents to succeed through a worldwide lockdown

Posted on 26/10/20
Being positive in challenging times is not naïve; it’s leadership

How a small team in Maidstone, headed by Boyd Parker, opened a new call centre to guarantee an opportunity for independent agents during the lockdown

Posted on 26/10/20
Are commission-only sales jobs right for you?

Whether a commission-only sales job is going to work for you depends mostly on your attitude

Posted on 25/10/20
Lessons to be learned from Gillian Zoe Segal's article in Forbes

A Forbes article by Gillian Zoe Segal, the author of "Getting There: A book of mentors" sends a powerful and straightforward message about the importance of sales skills

Posted on 25/10/20
Jobseeker on the road to success with giant CV on the back of a lorry

Fast-growing UK job board Zoek has teamed up with Dragons' Den entrepreneur Ed Hollands to help job seeker James get back to work by displaying his giant CV on the back of a truck! Drivers will see James' expertise written large up and down the UK

Posted on 23/10/20
James and his giant CV!

Dragons' Den entrepreneur Ed Hollands of DrivenMedia has supported job seeker James Pemblington by turning his CV into a mobile advert on the back of a truck! Working with UK job board Zoek, Ed wanted to help one person get back to work

Posted on 23/10/20
One to watch - Will McNally - the value of his art work is up 58.61 per cent in the past 6 months

Will McNally is catching the attention of international galleries and avid art collectors both sides of the Atlantic - the value of his work has risen sharply by an impressive 58.61 per cent in the past six months alone

Posted on 23/10/20
Melu Monkey launches ultra-comfortable and eco-friendly baby nappies supported by a crowdfunding campaign

Melu Monkey, the innovative eco-brand, announces the launch of the next generation baby nappies: comfortable, biodegradable, child and eco-friendly. The brand is also initiating a crowdfunding campaign to support the production and marketing of nappies

Posted on 22/10/20
The top five horse racing events in the world

Horse racing is one of the biggest sports in the world as well as being the most popular for gambling

Posted on 20/10/20
Entrepreneur Hayley Hannaford reveals the secrets to success in challenging times

Running a business able to survive and provide opportunities for others in the global pandemic, Hayley Hannaford shares advice to help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve the same success

Posted on 17/10/20
Business owner Boyd Parker explains what skills you need to succeed

People often view sales skills negatively but they are actually about good communication, which is a vital tool to use in whatever career you choose

Posted on 16/10/20
Brighton badge company is raising awareness during lockdown with pandemic-related designs

Brighton-based small business Sootmegs has helped over a thousand deaf and hard of hearing people with new designs

Posted on 16/10/20

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Property disputes expert says thousands of landlords could be waiting years for court hearings after eviction ban

Alex Cook, director of specialist litigation firm, Helix Law, warns that thousands of residential landlords may be forced to sell their properties because of the long backlog of court eviction proceedings due to the eviction ban


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