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After ten years of financial scandals, can we still learn from Enron?

Enron database now easily searchable thanks to Threads® technology

Posted on 22/05/15
Blue Branch hosts motivational workshop on 'Possibilities'

Managing Director of Event Marketing firm Blue Branch, Rania Neumaan, hosted a motivational workshop on the subject of possibilities. The firm outlines the top tips taken from the workshop

Posted on 22/05/15
Mazonai relocates head office to Watford following rapid growth

Mazonai has recently had to relocate its offices to Watford (from Luton) following unprecedented growth. Its business model has outgrown the base they occupied in Luton

Posted on 22/05/15
Visionary Advertising Provide Their Tips on Public Speaking

Matthew Goodchild, speaking in terms of the purpose of your presentation states that, “I am not there to sell a service when I get up in front of a large group. Keep that in mind as you are preparing your speech.

Posted on 22/05/15
Gray Industries Announce Ways to Stand Out from the Pack in Industry Settings

When attending an event like Gray Industries will be during the second weekend in May, the need for making good first impressions is crucial.

Posted on 22/05/15
AGM Chelmsford Review Benefits of Blind Ambition and the Pursuit of Success

In just the past 10 years, the wealthiest 1,000 people in the United Kingdom have doubled their collective net worth. On display in these results is blind ambition, which is the type that knows no bounds and never settles.

Posted on 22/05/15
Capital Events Marketing Review UK Growth Statistics

Capital Events Marketing utilises a rather unique and highly innovative approach to helping businesses expand their customer base and sales.

Posted on 22/05/15
Empire Enterprise Look at the Growth in Business Confidence

The Small Business Development Corporation, or SBDC, consults small enterprises across Western Australia, asking them about their plans for the future and how they think the economy is going.

Posted on 22/05/15
SRT Advance Examine How the Office Environment Can Impact Success

Entrepreneurs understand this concept and it is why you will always see them with a big, genuine smile and a warm handshake when meeting them for the first time.

Posted on 22/05/15
Forward Continuance Breaking Ground in New Industries and Markets

In marketing nothing is ever static and Forward Continuance knows that successful marketing needs to live and breathe the changes as they evolve.

Posted on 22/05/15
Lucideon launches new website

Lucideon, the international materials technology company, has launched its new website at

Posted on 21/05/15
Book People CEO launches debut novel

Seni Glaister - co-founder and chief executive at leading independent online retailer the Book People - has launched her stunning debut novel

Posted on 21/05/15
Free 'smart guide to web accessibility' launched

Leading web accessibility software company Recite Me has published a free ‘smart guide to web accessibility’ to mark Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Recite Me’s guide sets out key facts and practical tips on web accessibility for business.

Posted on 21/05/15
How can these click & collect services make your life easier in 2015?

How are companies working together to make e-commerce more desirable and simple for consumers? A look at 5 of the most helpful services around for busy UK online shoppers

Posted on 21/05/15
NBE Marketing: The importance of selecting the right selling technique

Sales and marketing firm NBE Marketing summarise the three most common selling techniques used with customers

Posted on 21/05/15

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