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Five tips for publishers to make the most out audio

New apps, platform agnosticism and getting the basics right: experts advise how to take your audio to the next level Posted by Damian Radcliffe at 06/12/21

How the covid pandemic changed digital journalism

Mobile journalism and Zoom interviews have put pressure on older journalists to adapt Posted by James Mahon at 03/12/21

Five lessons every media innovator needs to learn

The co-founder of Subtext, an SMS subscription platform, shares his knowledge around creating new products and services for your newsroom Posted by David Cohn at 17/11/21

Acknowledging the impact of 9/11 on journalists' mental health

Trauma anniversaries are real. It is time we take them seriously Posted by Hannah Storm at 09/09/21

How the Journalists’ Charity helps the industry affected by the pandemic

"In 2020, fifteen journalists and their families were saved from homelessness because of our intervention." Posted by James Brindle at 03/08/21

Exploring the fight against misinformation

Where is the place of professional journalism in the sea of online untruths? Posted by Laura Morelli at 02/08/21

What the Solutions Journalism Network learned talking to ~100 newsrooms about SoJo

65 per cent of leaders say solutions journalism keeps staff motivated and gives them hope Posted by Alejandra Venancio and Kyuwon Lee at 16/07/21

Opinion | What does GB News mean for the UK media landscape?

The Conversation's Chris Waiting looks at the impact of the newly launched TV station on trust in news Posted by Chris Waiting at 02/07/21

Trauma reporting: telling the stories that matter, better

When covering covid-19, underprepared journalists risk doing more harm than good Posted by Jo Healey at 10/05/21

Taking care of your mental wellbeing can help you become a better journalist

You can change your approach to work to cope better in these difficult times Posted by Hannah Storm at 29/03/21

What journalists must consider before jumping into ghostwriting

There is a growing demand for wordsmiths who can create sharp biographies and op-eds for high-profile clients Posted by David Nicholson at 22/03/21

How student solutions journalism is thriving in the US and in Europe

2020 saw a surge of student bylines in both professional and university-based news outlets for SoJo stories Posted by Sara Catania at 22/03/21

How covid-19 impacted journalism in emerging economies and the Global South

A new report shows fresh approaches newsrooms have used in covering covid-19 Posted by Damian Radcliffe at 25/01/21

Coronavirus, statistical chaos and the news, one year on

How have UK newsrooms risen to the many challenges posed by covid-19 and its chaotic statistics? Posted by An Nguyen at 15/01/21

Where does journalism belong in an AI-powered news ecosystem?

It is the media's turn to be transparent with its decisions and focus on bridging online divides Posted by Jarno M. Koponen at 26/11/20

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