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Four biases that leave under-represented groups out of GenAI-assisted journalism

Dominant perspectives are being baked into models like ChatGPT, Bard and Midjourney Posted by Luba Kassova at 01/03/24

Building trust during 2024 elections with live-blogging and fact-checking

Voters are heading to the ballot box at a time when they are turning away from the news Posted by Naomi Owusu at 06/02/24
Thinking outside the chatbox

Thinking outside the [chat]box

As news organisations trip over themselves to create AI-powered experiences, David Cohn asks how useful large language models are to audiences Posted by David Cohn at 08/01/24

Tools, tactics, and success stories of newsroom innovation in 2023

Top European news organisations are using AI to achieve goals and add value Posted by Michał Samojlik at 06/11/23

'Newsroom culture should not be an accident'

News organisations need to train editors as people managers, not just story processors, says media consultant Isabelle Roughol Posted by Isabelle Roughol at 03/11/23

Meet the inspiring, disabled journalists working their dream jobs

NCTJ partnerships give under-represented reporters a chance in the news industry Posted by NCTJ at 31/10/23

Shaping the future of journalism: insights for the next generation

Young journalists have a fire in their bellies. Good. We will need them to curb new challenges Posted by Jennifer Smith at 27/10/23
Mental health

We need to protect the safety and mental health of journalists covering Israel-Hamas war

Only ethical, empathetic journalism can do justice to this complicated, painful situation Posted by Hannah Storm at 24/10/23

How do we tell stories of people neglected by the media?

The News for All project targets vulnerable communities traditionally attacked and harmed by mainstream journalism Posted by Shirish Kulkarni at 11/10/23

Bundling up: The secret to subscriber success

Top news organisations strengthen subscription bundles by focusing on convenience, value for money and variety of choice Posted by David Cohn at 09/10/23

Young people need to see hope in the news cycle

The possibility of a better future motivates audiences to take action and develop active coping strategies in the face of negative information Posted by Jodie Jackson at 02/10/23

Fact-based journalism is under attack. What can we do about it?

Publishers must shore up their distribution and business models before big tech platforms get even more reactionary Posted by Noam Bardin at 26/09/23

Three steps to protect newsrooms from press freedom attacks

What can be done to stave off political interference and intimidation of journalists? Posted by Jessica White at 05/07/23

European broadcasters must address on-screen diversity

Women get 39 per cent of the screen time on the BBC, but it is not alone in failing to reflect society equally Posted by Lars Damgaard Nielsen at 28/06/23

Affordable, lightweight and discreet: going mojo when filming in hospitals

Swapping the big cameras for smartphones builds trust with sources and does not impede busy doctors Posted by Cassius Rayner at 27/06/23

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