Expert Comments

Drew Rose

'Why independent journalism is challenging the mass media'

Drew Rose, coordinator of The Bristol Cable Posted by Drew Rose at 18/02/15
Damian Radcliffe

'5 predictions for hyperlocal media in 2015'

Damian Radcliffe, Cardiff University Posted by Damian Radcliffe at 11/02/15

'10 trends that news organisations should not be following'

Nicolas Becquet, journalist, L'Echo Posted by Nicolas Becquet at 20/10/14
mark landauer

'If we build relationships, we will build audiences'

Michael Landauer, digital communities manager, The Dallas Morning News Posted by Michael Landauer at 09/10/14
mark potts 300

'Every subject we cover demands its own unique storytelling'

Mark Potts, leader in media innovation and founder of Posted by Mark Potts at 07/10/14
Adam Tinworth 2

'The three stages of digital transformation'

Adam Tinworth, digital publishing consultant and trainer Posted by Adam Tinworth at 20/05/14
Adam Tinworth 300 x 300

'We haven’t even scratched surface of explainer journalism'

Adam Tinworth, digital publishing consultant Posted by Adam Tinworth at 29/04/14
Alan Taman

'The sickening truth about health journalism'

Alan Taman, freelance health journalist and former NHS PR Posted by Alan Taman at 22/04/14
Pat Long, The Times/Sunday Times

'Why newspapers should steer away from the MTV model'

Pat Long, head of news development, The Times and The Sunday Times Posted by Pat Long at 27/03/14
Colin Meek

Part 2: 'The backlash against the mainstream in Scotland'

Colin Meek, freelance journalist, media trainer and research consultant Posted by Colin Meek at 19/02/14
Colin Meek

Part 1: 'Is traditional journalism broken in Scotland?'

Colin Meek, freelance journalist, media trainer and research consultant Posted by Colin Meek at 17/02/14
Adam Westbrook

'What I learnt by launching a web magazine'

Adam Westbrook, digital publisher and producer Posted by Adam Westbrook at 28/11/13
Sarah and Wale

'Why newsrooms need anthropologists'

by Walé Azeez and Sarah Marshall, both journalists with anthropology backgrounds Posted by Walé Azeez and Sarah Marshall at 07/11/13
Federico Guerrini

'Newsrooms beware: UGC is a double-edged sword'

Federico Guerrini, freelance technology journalist Posted by Federico Guerrini at 10/10/13
David Amerland

'Role of journalist is changing in semantic web'

David Amerland, SEO expert and author Posted by David Amerland at 09/10/13

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