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The narrative challenge: Seeing stories from a human perspective

'At their best, narrative journalists expand the restrictive and mannered news voice into a fully human voice, with which they bring in closely observed characters, scenes and dialogue to explore revealing situations' Posted by Giles Wilson at 21/04/17

The last ten years and the next – Preparing for what's to come in journalism

How can hackathons and news labs help teach the journalism skills of the future? Posted by David Dunkley Gyimah at 13/03/17
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From rags to niches: The Bauer way to avoid death by print

Tim Pollard explains how Bauer Media invested in its digital motoring brands to create vibrant new businesses Posted by Tim Pollard at 18/01/17

The magazine market isn’t dead, it’s different

Is the women’s magazine industry really destined for a papery grave, asks Joely Carey Posted by Joely Carey at 13/01/17

How publishers can learn more from their newsroom experiments

Failed newsroom experiments are rarely highlighted – but is there a way to learn more from them? Posted by Robin Kwong at 10/08/16

3 things fact-checking Brexit taught me about journalism

'Why aren’t we – the media – giving our readers the tools they need to come to an informed opinion?' Posted by Jeremy Evans at 12/07/16
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Destination unknown: Trinity Mirror, the Bristol Post and the erosion of local media

How the latest acquisition of Trinity Mirror will continue to take the ‘local’ out of Local World Posted by Alec Saelens at 01/02/16
Alison Gow

'When you're using Twitter to find witnesses, treat it like a door knock'

Alison Gow, digital innovations editor, Trinity Mirror Regionals Posted by Alison Gow at 05/06/15

Five paradoxes of a dying press

Nicolas Becquet, journalist, L'Echo Posted by Nicolas Becquet at 05/05/15
Drew Rose

'Why independent journalism is challenging the mass media'

Drew Rose, coordinator of The Bristol Cable Posted by Drew Rose at 18/02/15
Damian Radcliffe

'5 predictions for hyperlocal media in 2015'

Damian Radcliffe, Cardiff University Posted by Damian Radcliffe at 11/02/15

'10 trends that news organisations should not be following'

Nicolas Becquet, journalist, L'Echo Posted by Nicolas Becquet at 20/10/14
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'If we build relationships, we will build audiences'

Michael Landauer, digital communities manager, The Dallas Morning News Posted by Michael Landauer at 09/10/14
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'Every subject we cover demands its own unique storytelling'

Mark Potts, leader in media innovation and founder of Posted by Mark Potts at 07/10/14

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