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Five mistakes media trainers make - and how to avoid them

From vague objectives to mind-numbing monologues, media training can easily go horribly wrong Posted by Holly Powell-Jones at 07/08/20

Solving the revenue maximisation problem for publishers

The pandemic reminded us that journalism cannot be financed through advertising alone Posted by David Lockie at 31/07/20

Seven best practices for leveraging Facebook videos

Socialinsider crunches the numbers to optimise your social media strategy Posted by Teo Lozan at 20/07/20

How The Conversation leveraged 'coronabump' to build a loyal audience

Encouraging first-time readers to become newsletter subscribers paid off Posted by Chris Waiting at 13/07/20

“We need to pay close attention to news fatigue and news avoidance”

Thomas Baekdal looks at what he learned from avoiding news for a month Posted by Thomas Baekdal at 07/07/20

'I don't trust the news to tell our stories'

The Bureau Local shares its findings from the 'Change the Story' initiative, a project to help people feel represented in local news Posted by Rachel Hamada and Eve Livingston at 25/06/20

"Solutions journalism has never been more needed. So we made a game about it"

Everyone can do SoJo, no matter the journalistic experience Posted by Jem Collins at 11/06/20

The Bristol Cable launches new tool to engage readers with local journalism

Out of a crisis comes an opportunity to turn passive readers into active members of the newsroom Posted by Alon Aviram at 01/06/20

Here is why local journalism matters so much to UK communities

As part of its #LoveLocalNews campaign, Bureau Local showcases stories from around the country Posted by Shirish Kulkarni at 28/05/20

Six tips to make your journalism career thrive during and after lockdown

Take this time to recharge the batteries or update your LinkedIn profile Posted by Joanne Mallon at 13/05/20

How coronavirus is putting solutions journalism in the spotlight

By analysing evidence of success, solutions journalism can play a vital role in helping us pinpoint what is working to combat covid-19 and in keeping us well-informed, engaged and hopeful about our future Posted by Giselle Green at 11/05/20

Covering covid-19 with a solutions lens: six insights from The Guardian

Use these tried-and-tested tips to add solutions journalism to your coronavirus coverage Posted by Julia Hotz at 08/05/20

How to do solutions journalism from home

Two veteran journalists offer five tips to reporting solutions without leaving your living room Posted by Julia Hotz at 08/05/20

Dying to get online: independent media’s 'last-chance saloon'

The covid-19 pandemic has resulted in an economic crisis and newsrooms must adapt. But at what cost? Posted by Robert Shaw at 05/05/20

Say why you #LoveLocalNews

The Bureau Local launches a new campaign to showcase the value of local and hyperlocal journalism Posted by Shirish Kulkarni at 28/04/20

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