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The hidden threats in taming tech by law

Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist James Ball shares his thoughts on the new European laws which affect how big tech companies handle online journalism Posted by James Ball at 10/04/19

Cook up your next journalism project with these recipes for success

Use these ingredients and methods for successful newsroom leadership Posted by John Crowley at 27/03/19

The Cairncross Report: what it says and first impressions

These decent proposals for helping public service journalism are worryingly vulnerable, comments professor Brian Cathcart Posted by Brian Cathcart at 12/02/19

What makes readers pay for online news?

Survey found that paywalls are not as efficient as many think, and that unlimited access to news is one of the most valued perks of a subscription Posted by Mary-Katharine Phillips at 06/12/18

How to cope with 'overwhelming' information in your newsroom

John Crowley's tips to prevent burnout in reporters Posted by John Crowley at 03/12/18
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Mobile journalism gives new freedom of expression

The technology is an important asset to journalists in the developing world Posted by Björn Staschen and Wytse Vellinga at 05/04/18

The art of conversation and why radio is far from dead

'Don’t write off radio just yet; the evidence points to a socially critical role for this sector for some years to come' Posted by Daniel Bruce at 08/02/18
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Is media's dependence on Facebook an unavoidable sacrifice on the altar of digital transition?

What repercussions will this voluntary servitude have for the daily operations of newsrooms? Posted by Nicolas Becquet at 24/11/17
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Redesigning the journalistic economy as if starting from scratch

'The demand for high-quality, curated and trusted content has never been higher than it is today' Posted by Teun Gautier at 20/11/17

Fresh approaches to the role of journalism at local titles in the Pacific Northwest

How local journalists in the region are adopting solutions journalism and rethinking objectivity Posted by Damian Radcliffe at 05/10/17
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5 lessons learned from an innovative media organisation

How do innovative firms differ from non-innovative ones? Posted by Anette Novak at 22/09/17
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Keep calm and carry on fact-checking: Challenges and reasons to be cheerful

Should readers and viewers become a fully integrated part of the news process? Posted by Patrick Worrall at 18/07/17
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The narrative challenge: Seeing stories from a human perspective

'At their best, narrative journalists expand the restrictive and mannered news voice into a fully human voice' Posted by Giles Wilson at 21/04/17

The last ten years and the next – Preparing for what's to come in journalism

How can hackathons and news labs help teach the journalism skills of the future? Posted by David Dunkley Gyimah at 13/03/17
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From rags to niches: The Bauer way to avoid death by print

Tim Pollard explains how Bauer Media invested in its digital motoring brands to create vibrant new businesses Posted by Tim Pollard at 18/01/17

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