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'It was just a joke': How satire is used to excuse disinformation in elections

Examples of misleading claims and videos dismissed as comedy in the UK general election echo similar strategies in elections around the world Posted by Alastair Reid at 15/11/19

How to engage with news consumers through private messaging apps

Find out how publishers can make the most of the rise of dark social sharing Posted by André van Loon at 18/10/19

How to host a live podcast recording to grow your audience

Here are some simple tools to bring audio shows to life when recording in front of a live crowd Posted by Suchandrika Chakrabarti at 30/08/19

How power and privilege shape communities

10 tips on building bridges between the mainstream media and underrepresented voices Posted by Destiny Alvarez and Damian Radcliffe at 03/06/19

Eight newsroom beats you did not know covered climate change

Find a new angle for reporting on how climate change impacts people's lives Posted by Destiny Alvarez at 20/05/19

Gender on the agenda for the future of ethical journalism

Gender is not just a women’s issue. We all benefit from rejecting harmful stereotypes Posted by Hannah Storm at 26/04/19

The hidden threats in taming tech by law

Pulitzer-Prize winner James Ball shares his thoughts on how the new European laws will affect online journalism Posted by James Ball at 10/04/19

Cook up your next journalism project with these recipes for success

Use these ingredients and methods for successful newsroom leadership Posted by John Crowley at 27/03/19

Beginner's tips for reporting from the Middle East

Three lessons from a novice freelancer's time in Jordan Posted by Payton Bruni at 05/03/19

The Cairncross Report: first impressions

These decent proposals for helping public service journalism are worryingly vulnerable, says professor Brian Cathcart Posted by Brian Cathcart at 12/02/19

What makes readers pay for online news?

Twipe's surveys have found that paywalls are not as efficient as you might think, audiences want unlimited access instead Posted by Mary-Katharine Phillips at 06/12/18

How to cope with 'overwhelming' information in your newsroom

John Crowley's tips to prevent burnout in reporters include turning off 4G Posted by John Crowley at 03/12/18

Dealing with notification overload

Alex Entwistle, assistant editor, BBC Radio 5 Live explains why he is turning off social media alerts Posted by John Crowley at 06/11/18
vertical video smartphone mobile

Mobile journalism gives new freedom of expression

The technology is an important asset to journalists in the developing world Posted by Björn Staschen and Wytse Vellinga at 05/04/18

The art of conversation and why radio is far from dead

'The evidence points to a socially critical role for this sector for some years to come' Posted by Daniel Bruce at 08/02/18

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