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Where does journalism belong in an AI-powered news ecosystem?

It is the media's turn to be transparent with its decisions and focus on bridging online divides Posted by Jarno M. Koponen at 26/11/20

Death of student newspapers could thwart efforts to diversify the industry

Half of student titles could cease publication this year amid slashed funding. For budding journalists with no friends and family in the industry, this could severely impact their chances to start a professional career Posted by Ben Warner at 23/11/20
Andrew Garthwaite

Three quarters of journalists experience lockdown-related stress

A new survey sheds light on how working from home has affected journalists' mental health Posted by John Crowley at 10/11/20

Where does the buck stop for social platforms when it comes to responsible publishing?

Twitter and Facebook must avoid setting the foundations for division Posted by Jo Adetunji at 09/11/20

How simple storytelling techniques can make you a better writer

Add the human touch to your stories and readers will devour your copy Posted by David Atkinson at 22/10/20

Diversity helps media regain trust of young news audiences

The next generation of readers and viewers do not respond well to under-representation in news coverage Posted by Eden Vered and Jacqui Park at 15/10/20

Fact-based journalism more vital than ever for 2020 US election

US newsrooms are bracing themselves for a torrent of misinformation and conspiracy theories headed their way Posted by Jamie Wiseman at 09/10/20

How to overcome imposter syndrome as a freelance journalist

Feelings of doubt can take many forms and hold writers back from reaching their true potential Posted by Lily Canter and Emma Wilkinson at 02/10/20

Journalists suffer from PTSD too and we need to take it seriously

Newsrooms seldom think about how to protect reporters’ mental health from covering stressful stories Posted by Olivia James at 29/09/20

Six simple steps to beef up your cybersecurity while WFH

Journalists face new threats to their sources and personal information in times of a global pandemic Posted by Nahla Davies at 09/09/20

Five mistakes media trainers make - and how to avoid them

From vague objectives to mind-numbing monologues, media training can easily go horribly wrong Posted by Holly Powell-Jones at 07/08/20

Solving the revenue maximisation problem for publishers

The pandemic reminded us that journalism cannot be financed through advertising alone Posted by David Lockie at 31/07/20

Seven best practices for leveraging Facebook videos

Socialinsider crunches the numbers to optimise your social media strategy Posted by Teo Lozan at 20/07/20

How The Conversation leveraged 'coronabump' to build a loyal audience

Encouraging first-time readers to become newsletter subscribers paid off Posted by Chris Waiting at 13/07/20

“We need to pay close attention to news fatigue and news avoidance”

Thomas Baekdal looks at what he learned from avoiding news for a month Posted by Thomas Baekdal at 07/07/20

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