In-house training courses

Brighten your horizons with our bespoke in-house media training courses.

We offer tailored training for media companies and education providers looking to learn new skills, expand on their current knowledge or keep up with emerging digital trends.

        in-house training

A few examples of in-houses courses we run are: analytics, SEO, social media content strategies, copywriting, mobile journalism and 360-degree video.

We can arrange a training package to suit any requirements, with courses designed to meet the needs of your business and pitched at an appropriate skill-level. We can also provide a training venue if necessary, alternatively our trainers can come to you. has sourced the best tutors, all of whom are experts in their field.

To discuss in-house training, please contact Jasmine Scott on 01273 384293 or email her.

We also run a range of open training courses, which may be better suited to you if you're looking for training for five or less delegates.


" has a smart, hugely knowledgeable and very personable training team. We work in film and TV but still learnt masses about the possibilities of i-phone film training from our bespoke course. It's inspired us to be more creative and playful with the phone."

"The course was tailored to the company well. The trainer was knowledgeable and had useful tips that the journalists can take forward."

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