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See also our media packs for advertising and sponsored content and event sponsorship.

Banner advertising

Our unique niche audience views 156,000+ pages of every month. We have one standard leaderboard slot (728 x 90 pixels) at the top of every page, and your advert will be rotated throughout the site to ensure maximum exposure.

In addition, we also offer an MPU slot (300 x 250 pixels) in the right-column of every page.

Our banner advert management system tracks the number of views and click-throughs your advert gets.

• The price for a leaderboard banner slot (728 x 90 pixels) at the top of our pages is £1000 +VAT per month. MPUs (300 x 250 pixels) are £750 +VAT per month

Buttons (145 x 43 pixels) are priced at £500 +VAT per month.

Email advertising

Every week we email more than 16,000+ subscribers to our daily (Mon-Fri) free and fully opt-in email news and job alert bulletin.

Our emails are sent out in html format, so we can accept (non-animated) graphics in GIF and JPEG format as well as text messages and hypertext links.

We can also track the number of clickthroughs from your advert to your site.

• Advertise in our daily (Mon-Fri) email news and jobs bulletin for £400 +VAT per week or £1300 +VAT per month.

Sponsored content

One-off payment for a dedicated page containing copy supplied by you.

One-off payment for a dedicated page containing copy written by our reporters about your services and products.

Combination campaigns

We can offer discounted rates for longer campaigns and combined banner and email packages, so call now to discuss your needs.

For more information contact John Thompson.

Event sponsorship runs three high-profile events for journalists every year under the Newsrewired brand.

We have run 24 events so far and all have sold out. Past sponsors include Visual Revenue, SoundCloud, Tumblr, Tableau, NewsCred, ScribbleLive, Cision, ScraperWiki, Kyte,, Desk-Net, ThingLink, Scoopshot, City University London, CoveritLive, Adido, and Synthesio.

Past media partners have included MSN, BBC College of Journalism and Thomson Reuters.

For sponsorship and advertising opportunities, please contact:

John Thompson, managing director
john [at]

For ticketing and event information, press enquiries and all other queries:

Marcela Kunova, editor/editorial events manager
+44 07594 197175
marcela [at]

You can buy tickets here.

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