Tia Byer

Regular contributor to: The Cambridge Critique, Opulence Magazine, and The Scotsman.

Other information: I am a freelance journalist and writer who specialises in culture and lifestyle reporting. My work has featured in publications including The Scotsman, The National, The Cambridge Critique, Cambridgeshire Live, and Opulence Magazine.

I hold a MSc (with Distinction) in US Literature and Cultural Values from the University of Edinburgh, and a BA (Hons, First Class) in English Literature from York St John University. In addition to my interest in journalism, I have published research articles on topics covering Native American literature, The American Renaissance, Transatlanticism, and Caribbean literature and song.

To inquire about commissions, please contact tiabyerinquiries@gmail.com or visit my portfolio at https://tiabyer.journoportfolio.com/.

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