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The impenetrable British constitution gives the winning party unlimited power with few constraints. Labour are likely to struggle to fix the mess caused by decades of failed policies, impacting every walk of life: law, economics, finance, health, society, diplomacy are all affected.

A new book offers a vision for a better future, with key changes including:

  • A federal structure, one federal parliament and four national legislatures, replacing absolute central power by dispersed power.
  • Federal responsibilities to be mainly defence, foreign affairs, the currency, trade, and common standards.
  • The people of each of the four nations would be sovereign in everything else.
  • Replace the Privy Council, House of Lords and enquiry functions of the Commons by a strong, apolitical People’s Council able to investigate any part of the State and force change.
  • There should be a written, comprehensible, constitution that encourages consensus, and has clear objectives. The book includes a draft – the first ever.
  • There should be two-way transfer funding at government level to financially support nations, regions, and local authorities.
  • All political and government communications should be clear, fair, and not misleading.

Reinventing Democracy: Improving British political governance by the author and investment manager David Kauders will be published 28 May in hardback and e-book formats. The e-book will be only 99p until the general election. Advance reading copies are available on request: please follow the link for more information.

The author said “The United Kingdom cannot go on adopting policies that fail. The system of two tribes fighting for absolute power is woefully inadequate for the complexity of the twenty-first century. If the young are to have a future, it’s time to face the need for fundamental change. This book is a starting point for discussion.”


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