Leveson Inquiry

Discover Leveson helps journalists examine their profession

Kingston University released a cutting-edge archive of the landmark public inquiry

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 07/12/18

The IMPRESS Project's plans for press regulation

Crowdfunding is underway for a press regulation body aimed at supporting smaller publishers and hyperlocal sites as well as larger news outlets

Posted by Abigail Edge on 10/04/14

'Leveson proposals would safeguard investigative journalism'

Angela Phillips, Goldsmiths, University of London

Posted by Angela Phillips, Goldsmiths, University of London on 30/11/12

Leveson calls for new regulator with statutory underpin

'What is proposed here is independent regulation of the press organised by the press'

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 29/11/12

Tom Watson: 'Privacy commissioner' needed for digital age

'Information abundance' online means people will be 'wrestling with notions of privacy for years to come' and a go-to organisation should be set up

Posted by Paul McNally on 23/05/12

Lord Mandelson: Leveson inquiry must not ignore online future

Inquiry is 'looking at digital media with a print history' and needs to get 'to grips with the internet as a whole', former business secretary says

Posted by Paul McNally on 22/05/12

Adam Smith and Fréderic Michel to appear before Leveson

Former special advisor to the culture secretary and News Corporation's head of public affairs to appear before inquiry on Thursday (24 May)

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 18/05/12

Sir Harold: 'Fatal miscalculation' over Murdoch's 1981 bid

Speaking about Rupert Murdoch's bid for the Times and the Sunday Times Sir Harold Evans also described the revelation of a meeting between Margaret Thatcher and Murdoch in 1981 as 'astonishing'

Posted by Rachel McAthy on 17/05/12

Sir Harold on leaving the Times: I was 'disgusted, dismayed and demoralised'

Sir Harold Evans told the Leveson inquiry about his time as editor of the Times in 1981 to 1982, saying 'every paperclip was challenged'

Posted by Rachel McAthy on 17/05/12

Jack Straw: Self-regulation defies principles of justice

Newspapers calling for better regulation of other institutions should look at their own industry, former justice secretary tells Leveson inquiry

Posted by Paul McNally on 16/05/12

Jack Straw: 'Breach of privacy' should be in Human Rights Act

Former justice secretary and home secretary says law should be amended - with parliament taking responsibility for an area previously left to the judiciary

Posted by Paul McNally on 16/05/12

Leveson warns MPs over impact of evidence access

Lord Justice Leveson responds to parliamentary questions, telling the inquiry he hopes 'sufficient respect for my process will allow it to proceed without interruption'

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 15/05/12

Lord Wakeham: PCC should be 'stage one' in any legal action

Former PCC chairman says body could work closer with judges to seek resolutions before cases are taken to court

Posted by Paul McNally on 15/05/12

Alastair Campbell: No proof of Blair-Murdoch trade-off

Former spokesman for ex-prime minister Tony Blair also tells the Leveson inquiry about his 'neutralisation strategy' for the Sun in the 1990s to create a 'level playing field' to communicate with the public

Posted by Rachel McAthy on 14/05/12

Leveson inquiry: No action taken over IoS Andy Coulson story

Lord Justice Leveson to publish 'detailed ruling' on leaks to the media - but rules out pursuing action against Independent on Sunday

Posted by Paul McNally on 14/05/12

Lord O'Donnell opposes televised lobby briefings

Former head of the civil service says broadcasting the meetings would turn the prime minister's press secretary into a public figure

Posted by Paul McNally on 14/05/12

Labour MP: Government's BSkyB dealings might have broken law

Chris Bryant: 'News International knew information about what the secretary of state was going to say before he said it, and also before commercial operators did'

Posted by Paul McNally on 14/05/12

Rebekah Brooks: Fraser Brown story sourced via legitimate means

Former Sun editor says the paper's story on Fraser Brown's cystic fibrosis was obtained through legitimate means and she would not have run the story if the Browns objected to it

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 11/05/12

Liveblog: Rebekah Brooks's evidence at the Leveson inquiry

Live updates as Rebekah Brooks, former News International chief executive and previously editor of both the Sun and the News of the World, appears before the Leveson inquiry

Posted by Elena Cresci on 11/05/12

Brooks: 12-a-day Cameron texts claim 'preposterous'

Text messages happened 'on average once a week', Brooks tells the Leveson inquiry

Posted by Paul McNally on 11/05/12

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From our editors' blog

PCC seeks ideas from Irish press regulatory system

The Press Complaints Commission is looking at the Irish press watchdog system as a possible option for reforming the UK self-regulatory system, according to reports.

Posted by Paul McNally on 29 May 2012

Chris Bryant apologises for Murdoch-Cameron meetings claim

Labour MP Chris Bryant has apologised for falsely claiming in parliament that prime minister David Cameron held five secret meetings with Rupert Murdoch following the 2010 general election, that had not been declared.

Posted by Paul McNally on 10 May 2012

Guardian: Biography claims David Cameron texted Rebekah Brooks before she quit NI

The Guardian has reported today that an updated biography of the prime minister claims David Cameron texted Rebekah Brooks before she quit as News International's chief executive

Posted by Elena Cresci on 9 May 2012

Rupert Murdoch's first day at #Leveson in his own words

Rupert Murdoch's first day of evidence to the Leveson inquiry covered a wide range of subjects, including his personal and professional interests, his thoughts on politicians and issues of newspaper ethics

Posted by Tom Rouse on 25 April 2012

Friday deadline for core participant status for next Leveson inquiry module

The next module of the Leveson inquiry will focus on the relationship between the press and politicians

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 26 March 2012

Met police representatives and crime reporters before Leveson inquiry this week

The Leveson inquiry will this week hear from Met police representatives including its director of communications, plus crime reporters from the Guardian, the Independent and the Times

Posted by Gaz Corfield on 12 March 2012

Leveson inquiry has cost £2m so far

The Leveson inquiry into press standards has cost £2 million to run so far, new figures made public by the inquiry team reveal.

Posted by Paul McNally on 12 March 2012

Seminar to discuss Carnegie UK Trust's 'plan for better journalism'

A joint seminar will be held at City University London later today with the Carnegie UK Trust to discuss the recommendations made in its report 'Better Journalism in the Digital Age'

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 7 March 2012

Independent backs Paul Dacre's press card proposal

The Independent has supported Paul Dacre's idea to create a register of accredited journalists and toughen up access to the press card

Posted by Paul McNally on 7 February 2012

BBC News: The editors' views from the Leveson inquiry

BBC News has compiled a table of views as shared by newspaper editors at the Leveson inquiry

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 16 January 2012

Telegraph editor Tony Gallagher's comments on Vince Cable and PCC ruling

After weeks of hearings at the Leveson inquiry, media commentator Roy Greenslade calls into question some of the decisions, such as which witnesses to call and certain lines of questioning

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 11 January 2012

Press v politicians: can tabloids still take on the over-mighty?

Imagine a top tabloid newspaper supported a leading ‘non-Westminster’ politician through his difficult divorce. Instead of printing hard-hitting stories about the moral duplicity of this very Christian politician, it publishes soft-focus, upbeat articles about his lovely new wife and their joyous life together. The politician goes on to become a leading national figure, but then [...]

Posted by Charlie Beckett on 4 January 2012

Leveson inquiry releases witness statements

A round up of coverage and witness statements released today by the Leveson inquiry

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 22 November 2011

Full Leveson inquiry statements from NUJ and Guardian

The full statements from the NUJ and the Guardian given to the Leveson inquiry into press standards

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 16 November 2011

Leveson inquiry: Seminar dates announced as publishers express concern over panel

The Guardian reports one concerns raised by newspaper groups, including Associated Newspapers, Trinity Mirror, the Newspaper Publishers' Association and Guardian News & Media

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 28 September 2011

Leveson inquiry: full list of core particpants

The full list of those designated as core participants in the first part of the Leveson inquiry into the press

Posted by Joel Gunter on 14 September 2011

Labour calls for amendments to media takeover rules

Shadow culture secretary Ivan Lewis calls for cross-party support for amendment to media takeover rules

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 30 August 2011

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