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When times get tough, it's wise to look at other ways you can generate income. Commercial copywriting is always in demand, and can be highly paid.

Words are the tools of the trade for both journalists and copywriters. You still have to write economically, on budget, and to a deadline, but writing journalistic copy is like building a home to live in, while copywriting is like building a house to sell.

Course description

This course will highlight the key differences between writing journalistic copy and writing commercial copy.

Led by Jackie Barrie, who has more than 30 years' experience in commercial copywriting, the course is highly interactive, with hands-on practice and feedback.

Delegates will gain a thorough understanding of copywriting for different formats, as well as how to find copywriting clients – and get paid.

What will the course cover?

  • Traditional marketing theory and useful marketing acronyms to help sell your service and your clients' services;

  • 12 point checklist for marketing communications – you’ll never look at an ad the same way again;

  • 10 tests for effective copywriting, 28 'power' words for headlines, and 25 copywriting tips, tricks and techniques you can turn to for future inspiration;

  • The difference between writing for screen and writing for print, plus everything web copywriters need to know about search engine optimisation (SEO);

  • The business of copywriting, including how to find clients – and get paid;

  • Links to further resources where you can join other copywriters for mutual support.

Skill level:

Open to all abilities.

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Getting there

This course will be held at The Bridge, 73-81 Southwark Bridge Road, London, SE1 0NQ.

About Jackie Barrie

Jackie has worked as a copywriter for more than 30 years, both in-house and freelance.

A trained journalist, she has run training courses across the UK and Europe, for clients ranging from corporates and marketing teams to small businesses and aspiring copywriters.

Jackie has also published books on marketing, networking and writing for the web.


"I don't think I have ever learned so much in one day, and now feel inspired to take my career in an exciting new direction." Tim Nixon

"Very knowledgeable presentation and feedback from Jackie. Her insights into how to deal with clients on a practical level were particularly useful for me." Kath Farrell, Kath Farrell Editorial Services
"Very Impressive. Clearly very experienced and explained her knowledge very well." Catherine Smith, freelance

"Very knowledgeable and experienced – good mix of lecturing and exercises." Piper Terrett, freelance