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Online communities are among the best sources for journalists to broaden their network and stay up-to-date with the latest media news, tips and jobs.

And for freelancers or anyone else who works from home, they are also a great place to turn for advice, conversation and a bit of banter.

Here are 15 of the most active and interesting groups for journalists to check out on Facebook, X/Twitter, LinkedIn and Slack. We also put the number of members at the time of writing so you have a rough idea of their size.

It is self-defeating to try to keep track of them all – online communities should assist your job as a journalist, not prevent you from doing it – so pick two or three that are most relevant to you and focus your attention there.

General discussion

Media Voices Community | 61

Disillusioned by the direction that X (neé Twitter) took this year, the team behind the Media Voices podcast dusted off the good old 1990s concept of online forum that aims to offer journalists a safe space to meet and talk. There are only a few dozens early users so you have a pretty good headstart.

LinkedIn for Journalists | 127.5k

An active community featuring advice and discussion points for journalists. Also hosts free webinars covering how to get story leads, build sources and engage audiences on LinkedIn. Keep an eye on the group for details of the next session.

/r/journalism | 58k

Reddit is an underrated online space where journalists should hang out more. Head to /r/journalism where members post questions, advice, interesting links and jobs, although there is also a separate /r/journalism jobs board.


#mojofest group | 7.5k

Started by Glen Mulcahy after the first Mojocon Mobile Journalism conference in Dublin in 2015, this Facebook group is a space to share and exchange ideas about mobile journalism.

News Products Alliance

This Slack group is open to anyone who considers themselves a news product thinker. There is a strong Ask/Give culture so, upon joining, you will be asked about what you can contribute as well as what you hope to gain.

JournalismAI Connect

If discussions around advancing the responsible use of AI in the media industry are your thing, apply to join this online community created by JournalismAI, the journalism think-tank at the London School of Economics and Political Science.


The No1 Freelance Media Women | 8.8k

This Facebook group is a place for female freelancers to get support and advice on case studies and experts for stories. All members are vetted to make sure they are genuine media professionals, so you will need to request to join.

JournoAnswers | 4.2k

Another Facebook group set up by journalism lecturer Susan Grossman, where freelancers post questions, networking events, jobs. Again, this is a closed group so membership is subject to approval.

The Celebrity Interview Club | 2.6k

This Facebook group is used by celebrity freelance journalists and PRs to post celebrity interview requests for UK publications.

The Society of Freelance Journalists | 2.6k

An international Slack community founded during the coronavirus pandemic, the SFJ offers advice, moral support, learning and job opportunities for self-employed journalists.

Freelancing for Journalists | 7k

A Facebook group created by freelance journalists Lily Canter and Emma Wilkinson, where you can learn everything about the world of sefl-employment in the media. There is also a podcast and a website full of resources for freelancers.

Mental health

Headlines Network

An organisation set up by two veteran journalists to drive conversation about improving mental health in the media. You can use free resources and contribute your ideas and expertise.


Founded by BBC journalist Tom Hourigan during the coronavirus pandemic, this online community is a place for journalists to share their experience with mental health struggles and support one another. You can apply to join Zoom chats too.


LQBTQ+ Journalism Network

This is a space for LGBTQ+ journalists across the UK where they can seek support, learn from each other and inspire a new generation of media professionals.

We Are Black Journos

A network of more than 300 black journalists you can connect with on social media or at physical and virtual events. Open to media professionals from all backgrounds and ethnicities who want to support black journalists. Check the website for information about joining fees.

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Note: This story is an updated version of an article originally published on 15 July 2015 by Abigail Edge.

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