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If you are anything like us, you both want to know everything there is to know about artificial intelligence, while simultaneously wanting to shut out all the noise and never to hear the word "ChatGPT" again.

Much of online content about how AI can save (or ruin) journalism is either too complicated to understand, too repetitive or totally useless.

AI in journalism is an emerging field and, frankly, very few people can call themselves experts. But there is a handful of smart writers out there who are doing their best to cut through the noise with sensible newsletters. Here are our picks:

Generative AI in the Newsroom

The Generative AI in the Newsroom is a collaborative project that explores the responsible use of generative AI in news production. It was launched as an initiative of the Computational Journalism Lab at Northwestern University in January 2023. Sign up for practical examples and tips on how to use gen AI to make your work easier.


Probably the best-established project that maps AI and journalism. The team at Polis, London School of Economics, has always got interesting updates. The tone is conversational and the content easy to understand, so you will not feel overwhelmed.

The newsletter also brings announcements about funding for AI projects and various collaborative initiatives for newsrooms. If you need one place to start learning about AI in journalism, this is it.

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A new kid on the blog, Expl.AI.nable was launched by ex-Storyful Kevin Donnellan in July. It focuses on the Wild West of AI-assisted creative content, and how this affects publishers, agencies and newsrooms.

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AI & Local News @ NYC Media Lab

The AI & Local News Initiative, supported by the Knight Foundation, helps local news organisations explore and use AI through projects with the Associated Press, Brown Institute's Local News Lab, NYC Media Lab, and Partnership on AI.

Their newsletter focuses on building the AI and local news community and bringing the latest news about innovation and best practices at the intersection of AI and journalism.

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United Robots

This AI solutions provider sends occasional newsletters mostly with the latest case studies. They focus a lot on local newsrooms and how tech can help local journalists better serve their readers. These are always interesting stories and concrete examples of what AI actually does, rather than just talking about it.

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Ben’s Bites

Ben Tossell monitors the web so you do not have to. The daily newsletter features top AI product launches from the past 24 hours and should not take you more than five minutes to read. It is also very visual and you will be treated to the most bizarre illustrations by generative AI that will often give you a good chuckle.

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Not a Bot

We already like the name, but that is not all. A bit like Ben’s Bites, this daily newsletter brings stories about the latest AI products but also problems with using AI, like privacy or ethics. If you fall in love with the robots, there is also a jobs board with the latest roles in the sector.

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The Algorithm

Looking for something less intense? Melissa Heikkilä, MIT Technology Review’s senior reporter for AI can help you demystify this topic in a weekly email. She looks at breakthroughs in generative AI as well as asking good questions about the problems and how to fix them.

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