The Associated Press (AP) will use citizen journalism in its newsgathering after signing a deal with, a Canadian start-up, will allow AP to use photographs, video and news posted on its website.

The AP said that, in the first phase of the partnership, news and photo editors on its national news desks in New York will have the option of using selected content from to supplement the work of AP journalists.

AP editors will work with staff and contributors to ensure the content is real and accurate, said Jim Kennedy, AP's vice president and director of strategic planning.

"We're not just going to take content directly from the contributors and put it on the wire," he said. "We're going to edit and verify it just like we would any other contribution."

He added that, while many details of the partnership are still being worked out, the AP might use certain contributors to help gather news on "anything from a major storm to even some Iraq angle". members will be compensated and, depending on the nature of their contributions, credited for their work, Mr Kennedy said.

He declined to disclose specific financial details of the agreement.

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