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What is it?

Brain Bump is an app that sends users daily push notifications with tips and takeaways from a range of sources like books and podcasts.


Free to download.

Devices: iOS and Android

How does it work?

When you download Brain Bump, users can search the app's content library for a range of books, podcasts, newsletters, blogs and talks.

The content is mostly focused on professional advice. Filter through themes such as career guidance, communication skills, interview tips, leadership techniques, and productivity strategies to find relevant content.

The app will not provide you with full access to the material. Rather, it will pull out tips from the resource.

screenshot from the Brain Bump app

By 'adding' a resource to your list, users receive more of these tips via push notifications straight to their phone. Mix and match for a personally curated, steady flow of advice.

Use the scheduling function to tailor when these ping. For example, it could be a good idea to schedule leadership tips for the morning commute before work, or stress relief tips for the way home.

screenshot from the Brain Bump app

Spread the wisdom even further. Bitesize tips are designed to be easily shared on social media, and it allows you to customise your post's font size, text and colour.

Why does this matter to journalists?

Journalists need to keep their professional skills razor-sharp. This is a quickly expanding database serving tailored tips to time-poor people.

There is another good usage for Brain Bump: audience discovery. The app guides users towards your book, podcast show or newsletter and allows them to get the highlights even if they do not have time to consume the whole product.

Anyone interested in onboarding to the platform should complete this quick form outlining the commitments from the publisher (because you need to supply the tips for the app) and assess product fit.

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