BreakingNews Samsung TV app

The BreakingNews ticker can be displayed on every TV channel

Credit: Image from BreakingNews blog

BreakingNews, the curated news site and Twitter account, has launched a connected television app providing news on a scrolling ticker.

The app, which requires a Samsung TV or internet-connected Blu-ray player, displays a ticker reporting global news across the screen on every channel.

The innovation takes inspiration from rolling news channels which display news as text along the bottom of the screen.

An announcement from BreakingNews, which in November partnered with MSN UK to establish the first editorial team based outside the US, explains how it works: "When a story breaks, a ticker will appear along the bottom of the screen for a few seconds, scrolling the breaking story. Then it will disappear."

The app also has the option to provide rolling news as a constant ticker, a TV "screen saver" that will "vertically scroll the latest breaking stories in a full-screen display", and allows users to browse the latest stories by topic.

Alerts displayed on the app will include news curated by the team behind @BreakingNewsUK.

Cory Bergmen, general manager of BreakingNews, said in a post on Lost Remote: "The updates originate from an around-the-clock team of editors – the largest real-time curation team in journalism, as far as we know – who scour the planet for breaking news around the clock.

"While many know us from @breakingnews on Twitter, we publish three times the stories on our mobile apps (with big-story push alerts) and As always, our team is careful to credit the originator.

"It's great to see connected TV technology emerge to enable integrations like this, and you can only imagine what the future of TV apps holds in the coming months."

Samsung has not confirmed whether or not the free app, which can be downloaded from the Samsung TV Apps Store, will be available in the UK.

Update: Cory Bergman, GM of BreakingNews said the app will "launch internationally later this week or early next week".

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