Blogging community network Global Voices and citizen journalism wire Demotix are to partner as part of a new deal to share text and images.

According to announcements on both sites, the partnership will mean Global Voices will subscribe to images on Demotix, while blog posts from Global Voices will be included in Demotix's news hubs with an embedded RSS feed.

On the Demotix blog, CEO Turi Munthe said it was a partnership the site has "dreamt about for a long time".

"Global Voices was an inspiration for us back when Demotix was only an idea. It's doubly thrilling therefore, to be partnering with them today.

"We share a profound commitment to the 'crowd' and its power, and a profound commitment to opening the news conversation. Global Voices run the best network of global bloggers anywhere - to combine their work with our images has always made sense."

Solana Larsen, managing director at Global Voices explains on the site why the site was interested in a partnership with Demotix.

"Since Demotix first began recruiting independent photographers in 2009, they have built an impressive archive of over 400,000 photos from 190 countries by 3,500 photographers.

"Their business model is to sell the photos to newspapers, broadcasters and online news sites like ours and split the (small or large) fees 50:50 with the photographers ... In the case of Global Voices it will be very small fees, but we hope that we can help exercise parts of the Demotix photo archive that may be less attractive to commercial media."

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