Update: This post was first published in 2019 and things have changed a lot over the past two years. We updated this piece to remove newsletters that are defunct or no longer useful to journalists and added a handful more to help you stay up to date with the latest developments

Here at, we love a good newsletter.

Those bite-sized summaries and tidbits to help ease into your day and bring you up to speed, whilst nursing your morning coffee.

It can also be a great source for us to find interesting editorial content, from tips to tools, to our next podcast guest.

So we turn our attention to the must-read newsletters in our inboxes to help us keep our finger on the pulse of the industry. Here are some best picks to help journalists stay up to date:

Reuters Institute

A weekly roundup with readings on journalism, primarily from authors associated with the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (RISJ). You can also look forward to clever data visualisations and nuggets of wisdom from the institute's latest Digital News Report, published annually.

Finally, you get recommendations on reading and info on the latest events and training for journalists.

Tools for Reporters

Every other week, Tools for Reporters does exactly what it says on the tin.

It will recommend some handy newsroom resources for journalists everywhere, carefully weighing up the pros and cons of each.

From to-do lists to GIF makers, there are a wide variety of tools for everyday lifesavers, hacks and shortcuts. Well worth trying out a few of their suggestions to make your workflow slightly smoother.


You can subscribe to one, two or all seven newsletters from the digital publisher. The Daily brings the latest stories about the media, marketing and tech mostly from the US but you can also signup for a UK/Europe newsletter if that is more relevant.

If you want to narrow this down to stories about the media, Digiday also has you covered with its daily Media newsletter.

Need To Know

This daily newsletter is a curated roundup of the latest stories from the world of media and tech published by the American Press Institute. It features short summaries and links to pieces from publications based in the US and abroad, and it makes a point of bringing practical tips, solutions and generally helpful advice to improve the standards of journalism.

If you are already drawing in daily newsletters, a weekly roundup sent on Fridays sums up the most interesting stories and ideas that have emerged during the week.

European Journalism Centre (EJC)

As an organisation at the heart of European innovation with its EJA grant scheme, the EJC is well placed to point you to some of the best up-and-coming forward thinkers, early adopters, commentators and trailblazers.

Its newsletter is fully customisable so you only receive exactly what you have ordered. Pick from upcoming events, funding opportunities, training resources, exclusive EJC strategies and expert analyses, and you should not be in the dark about what is on-trend in European journalism.

Journo Resources

This weekly newsletter hits your inbox every Tuesday and, apart from a lovely personal note from the Journo Resources founder Jem Collins, it lists the latest jobs in the media, mostly in the UK. From entry-level jobs to freelance gigs, this is a must-read if you are job hunting.

She also includes links to grants, awards and other opportunities for journalists, as well as a handful of recommended readings.


Another must-read for job hunters and those entering the media industry, this bi-weekly email also features a Diversity reading list that brings the latest knowledge and tips to make the media industry less pale, male and stale.

'Life of a young journalist' and 'Life of a graduate' are two regular features that tackle anything from the imposter syndrome to tips on improving your writing.

NewsWhip Daily

Published by Benedict Nicholson, this email predicts the top stories of the morning and lists the most engaging stories from various news sites during the past 24 hours.

It is also a good resource if you want to keep a finger on the pulse on what is being shared on Facebook and Twitter.


If you are after the latest information about fact-checking, look no further than Poynter's Factually, a newsletter published written by the International Fact-Checking Network’s reporter Harrison Mantas.

It brings the most recent mis- and dis-information stories from around the web and features debunking initiatives, as well as tools and techniques to help you fact-check your own social media or work.

Its 'Fact vs. Fake' section, which "analyses five of the top-performing fact checks on Facebook to see how their reach compared to the hoaxes they debunked," often makes for a fun, albeit a teeny bit shocking, read.

Finally, 'Quick hits' features 10 tips, tricks and tools for fact-checking around the world.


This monthly email is published by Seth Lewis and Mark Coddington, two journalists turned academics. It highlights the latest research on journalism and tackles anything from solutions to news fatigue to collaborative journalism.

The articles are on the long-read side so make sure you make yourself a cup of hot chocolate before delving in. Everyone can do that once a month.

The Media Roundup

This short and sweet daily email is bought to you by the well-known trio behind the Media Voices podcast. It brings a curated summary of four important articles from around the media industry, as well as a Podcast throwback that unearths one of the previous episodes.

Perfect if you are looking for a podcast recommendation before taking your morning walk.

Off The Record

If you are still reading, your head is probably spinning with the choice of journalism newsletters - and that is just the tip of the iceberg. The team behind the Off The Record that comes out every Thursday is doing the hard work of trawling through the latest media events, podcasts and announcements of who got the latest jobs, so you do not have to.

They package it all in an email designed to be read in under 10 minutes and that will hopefully help you with finding the picks of the week.

News Media Association

If you want a weekly peek into the backstage of the journalism industry in the UK, this email from the News Media Association will fill you in on the latest developments around regulations and opportunities. It focuses particularly on public interest and local journalism and you can look for contributions from MPs, Lords and other public figures.

Reuters Community

For a nice blend of video and written articles featuring the top players in the media industry and their views on challenges we all face, the Reuters Community newsletter fits the bill.

It also serves up behind-the-scenes stories about Reuters' work, information about events, and a 'Reuters Connect' section featuring the hottest news from around the world.

Keep an eye out for the 'Industry news from around the web' section, which can help journalists everywhere stay in the loop.


If you think that writing a good story is enough for it to be discovered by your readers, think again. Boring as it is, search engine optimisation (SEO) is one of those topics that everyone interested in (or tasked with) growing audience must master.

On the plus side, this newsletter is written by two journalists and aimed at normal people, so you can get some actionable ideas on how to make your content stand out on the internet in your inbox every Monday. You also get an occasional vegan recipe and, if you are into such things, pictures of trees.

Nieman Lab

To the surprise of no-one, no newsletter compilation would be complete without Nieman Lab. It is a go-to place to be clued up on digital media, and all the other interesting articles doing the rounds in their newsroom.

Opt in to daily or weekly updates, and you should find inspiring projects and thought-provoking content in your inbox in no time.

Journalism + Design

If you are looking to improve the future of journalism, you are probably into stuff like design thinking, community engagement and critical thinking. This email is particularly useful for all those who teach journalism but also for anyone wanting to sharpen their minds and problem-solving skills.

The newsletter offers tools, tips, resources, case studies and generally anything you need to know when doing the serious business of innovating the media industry.


The list would not be complete without this newsletter by the lovely folk behind the JournalismAI initiative at the London School of Economics (LSE). Curated by humans, this email brings you the latest news from the world of artificial intelligence and its use in the newsroom.

Do not be put off by the words 'artificial intelligence' if you know nothing about the topic. This newsletter is accessible to anyone looking for ways to automate some of the most boring and time-consuming tasks in journalism and the authors make an effort to keep the jargon to a minimum.

We were not seriously going to leave ourselves out, were we?

Our newsletter is a daily slice of the site, offering our most recent headlines, tip of the day, Newsrewired information, industry press releases and the latest journalism jobs and media courses. Plus a few of our own musings and reflections on other stories of the day. What else could you ask for in one neat package?

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