Update: This post was first published in 2019 and things have changed a lot over the past five years. We updated this piece to remove newsletters that are defunct or no longer useful to journalists and added a handful more to help you stay up to date with the latest developments

Here at, we love a good newsletter. Those bite-sized summaries and tidbits to help ease into your day and bring you up to speed, whilst nursing your morning coffee.

It can also be a great source for us to find interesting editorial content, from tools to our next podcast guest.

So here's our must-read newsletters to help you keep your finger on the pulse of the industry. We are not saying you need to sign up to all of them, but hopefully, there is some in here that takes your fancy. And if we missed your favourite newsletter, do let us know.

Reuters Institute

A comprehensive weekly roundup of the news and media industry including leading research and data, journalism opportunities, webinars and seminars, news stories and feature interviews.

The Fix Media

A weekly deep dive into the European media market, compiling all the relevant stories and expert trends and analysis.

The Media Roundup

A daily email roundup, complimenting the Media Voices podcast. Expert analysis of all the important and emerging stories from the media world.

Nieman Lab

The bible of the news and media industry, aggregating all the most important stories doing the rounds. If your story ever appears in this newsletter, you have written a worthwhile article.

Axios Media Trends

All the best news, scoops and expert analysis on the media sector, in Axios' signature smart brevity style: a writing style intended for need-to-know information and quick reading.

One Man & His Blog

A variety of daily and weekly newsletters on offer, written by an experienced journalism lecturer and practitioner. Deep media analysis, news round-ups and a body of helpful resources sent out to your inbox.

Simon Owens's Media Newsletter

The Substack newsletter of a veteran journalist, marketer and PR. A comprehensive update on the trends dictating the creator economy, digital publishing and traditional media.

Vincent Peyregne's Weekly Digest

An overview of the latest in sustainable news, product development, media tech and AI, curated by the CEO of WAN-IFRA.

Baekdal Plus

A weekly, thorough report about the media industry, focusing on future trends, editorial and business strategies, monetisation models and potentials. A treasure trove of data and analysis.

The Audiencers

Detailed case studies and expert commentary from digital publishers all around the world every fortnight.

Products In Publishing

A veteran's view on the intersection of journalism, technology, audiences and data -

Inside The Newsroom

A biweekly newsletter, claiming to be the world's largest journalism jobs board, pulling together vacancies from national and international newsrooms.

The Rebooting

A biweekly newsletter concentrating on the business model behind digital publications. Expect case studies and deep analysis.


Scoops galore in this daily guide to social media and its relationship with media publishers.

The Lede

An expert steer on how newsrooms can improve as workplaces, stepping up people management, organisational culture and careers.

The Happy Journalist

An optimistic take on local journalist, exploring its impact on people, the planet and democracy.

Tools for Reporters

Periodic mailers surfacing hidden gems for journalists: tools, apps, platforms and resources for almost any newsy tasks.


A range of newsletters to serve different markets and purposes across the digital publishing space. The Daily newsletter brings the latest stories about the media, marketing and tech mostly from the US market. For just the media industry, opt for the Daily Media newsletter.

Solutions Journalism Network

A range of newsletters showcasing the best in solutions journalism tips, tools, opportunities and standout examples.

IPI's Weekly Digest

Essential reading on the latest in press freedom, threats to journalists and independent media.

API's Need To Know

A daily curated roundup of the latest stories from the world of media and tech published by the American Press Institute. Useful summaries and practical tips for journalists.

European Journalism Centre (EJC)

A monthly update on all the innovators, early adopters and commentators across the European media scene. Hand-pick what you want to hear about, be that media events, training and funding opportunities or expert newsroom strategies.


International media news stories, funding and training programmes, and general pieces of advice.


Bimonthly newsletter with a focus on investigative journalism, containing expert tips and techniques, stories of the week and a helpdesk if you are in a pinch.

Journo Resources

A weekly newsletter with the latest jobs in the media, mostly in the UK and ranging from entry-level jobs to freelance gigs. Also shouts out grants, awards and learning opportunities for journalists, plus plenty of recommended reading.


PressPad is a host mentorship scheme organisation working to improve diversity in the media. Its bi-weekly provides updates on its work and a "diversity reading list", plus jobs, events, oportunities and more general professional tips.

NewsWhip Daily

A daily email with industry predictions tailored for PR, media and marketing sectors.


Published by Poynter and written by the International Fact-Checking Network, this is a newsletter serving best practices for fact-checkers, educators, journalists and citizens. Learn about misinfromation trends, top techniques and debunking initiatives.


Fathm is an independent news lab and consultancy service. It has a brand new monthly newsletter that promises insights, innovation and impact in journalism.


A monthly email from two journalists turned academics. It highlights the latest research on journalism and tackles anything from solutions to news fatigue to collaborative journalism.

Newsguard's Reality Check

An exploration of how online falsehoods are undermining audience trust, brought to you by a team of misinformation experts.


Weekly insights on digital publishing and artificial intelligence.

News Media Association

A weekly update on the UK journalism industry, with a keen focus on public interest and local journalism. You can look for contributions from MPs, Lords and other public figures.

Reuters Community

Features with media industry pros plus behind-the-scenes stories about Reuters' work, event information, and a 'Reuters Connect' section featuring the hottest news from around the world.


A weekly newsletter keeping track of the ever-changing search engine optimisation (SEO) - essential for digital strategy and audience growth. Practical advice and actionable ideas are on offer.

Journalism + Design

This email is particularly useful for lecturers and practitioners of journalism, but also for anyone wanting to sharpen their minds and problem-solving skills. Sign up for tools, tips, resources and case studies from the media industry.


Run by the JournalismAI initiative at the London School of Economics (LSE), this email brings you the latest news from the world of artificial intelligence and its newsroom applications. Do not worry, it is written by humans (for now).

Mapping Journalism on Social Platforms

A biweekly newsletter, featuring an interview with journalistic innovators on social platforms, and a round-up of media jobs, hand-picked articles and other call-outs.

Youthquake and Stuff

About to launch, a curation of trends, strategies and advice on how to attract the younger crowd to the news.

Last but not least, us!

Our newsletter is a daily slice of the site, offering our most recent headlines, podcast episodes with media experts, industry press releases and the latest journalism jobs and media courses. Plus a few of our own musings and reflections on other stories of the day. What else could you ask for in one neat package?

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