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Podcasts used to be the ideal time-filler during our daily commute but many found it hard to listen to their favourite shows during lockdown. The good news is that the past few months have inspired some hosts to launch brand new podcasts to help us cope with working from home. rounds up a selection of the latest shows for journalists to check out.

Media Tribe

Launched in July 2020, The Media Tribe features interviews with some of the most critically acclaimed journalists, directors and media executives.

"I ask each interviewee about their journey into journalism, a story that's had a significant impact and a crazy experience they've had while working in the industry," host Shaunagh Connaire writes in an email to

The first episode features an interview with legendary Channel 4 broadcaster Jon Snow and explores his route into journalism and his coverage of some of the biggest stories of our lifetime. The series is ongoing and you can look forward to more episodes with the likes of Washington Post's Rana Ayyub, Vox's Arielle Duhaime-Ross, and more.

The Mobile Storytelling Podcast

Our mobile phones have proved to be a useful tool for reporting in times of working from home. Although mobile journalism has been around for a while, those who are new to it can find the best advice from MoJo experts in this podcast.

Hosts Wytse Vellinga and Björn Staschen launched The Mobile Storytelling Podcast in April of this year during the covid-19 pandemic. They bring advice on everything from clever hacks to try at home to using your smartphones for coronavirus coverage.

Subscription Stories: 'True tales from the trenches'

There has probably not been a more pressing time to think about sustainable business models and maybe we can all do with some inspiration from outside of the news industry.

Robbie Kellman Baxter is an expert on subscription strategies, having published several books on the topic, most recently "Forever Transaction", a dive into retaining readers and subscribers.

She spoke last month at our Newsrewired conference about how news organisations can retain their new 'coronabump' subscribers through a variety of engagement strategies.

In this new podcast series, she interviews leaders in different fields - entertainment, software, hardware, news, retail, hospitality - about their successful member acquisition and retention methods.

Freelancing for Journalists

It is a tough time to be a freelance journalist. When projects are getting cancelled and income looks uncertain, the stress can get to you.

With that in mind, freelance journalists Emma Wilkinson and Lily Canter launched this podcast to offer fellow freelancers advice and support.

The first few episodes in March 2020 looked at coping with the impacts of coronavirus but the series has since become a complete guide to freelancing covering networking, branding, LinkedIn and loads more. This podcast is perfect for freelance journalists of any experience level.

Recovery: how the world rebuilt after past crises

Following the success of 'Expert guide to conspiracy theories', The Anthill Podcast by The Conversation turned its attention to the historical crises the world has faced to provide useful lessons as we begin our recovery phase from the coronavirus pandemic, according to the press release.

Hosted by business and economy editor of The Conversation, Annabel Bligh, ‘Recovery’ is not a series about the coronavirus outbreak specifically. It is a deep dive into how the world or a region recovered from similar massive shocks to its system in the past, including the Black Death and the 2008 global financial crisis.

'Recovery' is a six-part series that launched in June and has just completed its run. You can listen to it here.

Digital News Report 2020 by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

The Digital News Report is an annual fixture in our calendars. The research maps the latest news consumption trends worldwide and is a point of reference for news organisations when planing their editorial strategy.

In this newly launched podcast, RISJ's head of leadership development Federica Cherubini chats to the report's authors about their findings. An unmissable podcast for anyone looking to gain a better understanding of audience behaviour.

Out of Office

If you are feeling the cabin fever, then this podcast could help you reconnect with the world and enjoy a good conversation while you are at it.

Pugpig's Out of Office podcast features co-founder Jonny Kaldor going for a walk with an interesting person in the publishing world to "find out what makes them tick."

In this episode with co-founder of Tortoise, Katie Vanneck-Smith, the pair take a stroll through the South Downs hillside in southern England. Enjoy the sounds of nature as they reflect on Vanneck-Smith's early career at News Corp and her presidency of Wall Street Journal in New York.

Still hungry for more? Here are six more podcasts for you to check out during the pandemic

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This article was updated on 27 July 2020 by Jacob Granger to include mention of Media Tribe and Digital News Report 2020.

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