Whether you are a budding mobile journalist or a seasoned expert, there are apps you can add to your mojo arsenal to produce better smartphone video.

Sometimes, the most unsuspected tools can be used to help you solve mojo's biggest headaches. From levelling your phone to using a teleprompter for a slick piece to camera, here is our selection.


Evernote is an app designed for note-taking, whether that is through text, or an audio or video format, and is a perfect tool for drafting a script or taking notes in an interview.

Available on iOS and Android, as well as for PC and Mac users, Evernote also allows you to collaborate with your team to share ideas, see all your documents from multiple devices, and save webpages for easy access.

It is free-to-use but provides optional paid versions which increase monthly upload limits and add more features, including offline access for mobile.

iHandy Level

When setting up a tripod to film, it can sometimes be difficult to know whether you have it up at a precise level.

iHandy Level, available for iOS and Android, is a simple mobile spirit level which helps you check whether your set-up is off balance. It comes in handy when you need to use anything you have at hand as a makeshift tripod or when your real tripod simply is not equipped with one.

PromptSmart Lite Teleprompter

PromptSmart is a teleprompter app that is perfect for doing a piece to camera, whether in a studio or out in the field.

Available on iOS, you can easily import a script into the app through Google Drive and Dropbox or write it out in-app. 

When you are ready, hit play and the teleprompter will move through the script as you speak, even pausing when you pause.

A Pro version of the app includes the ability to record HD video alongside the teleprompter and is also available for Android.

Google Photos

A nightmare scenario for any mojo reporter is finding out you have run out of storage space on your phone, just as you are about to film.

Google Photos eliminates this fear by backing up all your photos and videos in the cloud, allowing you to free up space for more clips.

The app, which can also be accessed through desktop, includes some basic photo and video editing tools and makes finding the precise image you want from your album easier by searching by place, people or objects in the photo and even text included in a picture.

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