The Guardian plans to expand its online presence in America and is considering introducing blogging website Comment is Free stateside.

Guardian Newspapers Limited chief executive, Carolyn McCall, told delegates at the World Newspaper Congress in Moscow: "Our ambition is to be the leading global liberal voice."

She also said that the company would soon announce expansion of its US web operation, as well as development of a print product, as American interest in the Guardian was high.

News of the Guardian's plans came after The Times said it would begin a small print run of its newspaper in New York on presses used by parent company News Corporation to print The New York Post.

According to the Guardian, Carolyn McCall said later: "There's a real market for liberal journalism in America, given that there seems to be a large group of people that are very attracted by our coverage on the web, and part of that is because they cannot really get that kind of voice from their own media for a variety of reasons.

"The opportunity is for the Guardian to reflect what the world is saying about America but also to bring [blogging website] Comment is Free into America so that you can get an engaged discussion on things that interest America in an intellectual and intelligent way."

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