In this week's podcast, we speak to Johnny Harris, video reporter at Vox, who is in the process of traveling around the world for a new international video series called 'Borders'.

He's producing six documentaries about the impact of borders – from international borders to those separating cities and even neighbourhoods – on the people living either side of them.

Using the power of social media and the internet, Vox gathered over 6,000 suggestions for where Harris should go, and used these to devise his route through Japan, Svalbard, Haiti, Mexico
Morocco and finally China.

He tells us about his equipment out on the road, the challenges he has faced, and how he has built up a community on Facebook, with members who are a part of the reporting process, making suggestions as to where he should go and who he should talk to.

"They tell me a lot of things that I would have never been able to dig up with my Google skills," he said.

"When you call out to people who live around the world and use the internet as this huge network, you get ideas that you would have never found otherwise, that have never been covered – I got tons and tons of those."

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