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ITN Productions in the UK and Euronews in France are to launch new YouTube channels as part of the platform's original channels initiative.

ITN Productions confirmed this week that it would launch a new citizen journalism channel, called Truthloader, later this year, as part of the initiative, while Euronews will launch a Knowledge channel

The original channels initiative was first launched in the US in October last year. According to a list of the channels which fall under the YouTube initiative the news category already includes outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Reuters and Slate News.

Now YouTube has announced further channels to be launched from outlets in the UK, France, Germany and the US.

According to a press release from ITN Productions, content on Truthloader will be curated by social media experts and journalists, to include eyewitness video footage.

Mark Browning, managing director of ITN Productions, added in the release: "There has been a huge focus on the power of online citizen journalism – from the Japan tsunami to the Arab Spring – but how do viewers know they can trust what they’re watching?"

"With Truthloader, our experts will separate truth from fakery and bring the very best in eyewitness accounts to audiences worldwide."

ITN Productions said the channel will have three different ways of providing material: A daily bulletin round-up; a weekly social media debate between citizen journalists; and a weekly feature on "content and ideas from the world of conspiracy theories".

International news channel Euronews's Knowledge channel will feature a mixture of exclusive and extended material from its current network of media platforms.

The channel will feature "dedicated reports covering all the globe" on topics including "arts, education, business and what's happening around the globe", director of external relations at Euronews Grégoire de Rubiana told

He added: "The idea is to offer the full interviews and reports on the subject and to propose new formats. It will be different from the on-air formats."

Another new channel to be launched as part of the YouTube initiative is Fash#Tag, described in a release as "a new pop-culture fashion channel". The channel has been launched by "creative content" outlet Gravity Road, with editorial content also provided by Bauer Media magazine Grazia.

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