Mobile creator academy

Mobile journalism (MoJo) has been around for more than a decade. Early adopters are now established pros and those who did not jump on the bandwagon are either not interested (fair enough) or overwhelmed with the choice of courses and gear.

A lot of MoJo training has moved online during the pandemic which opened up new opportunities for people worldwide but also made learning a tad impersonal and lonely.

To bring the community back together, two veteran mobile creators Glen Mulcahy and Mark Egan decided to launch a new subscription learning platform Mobile Creator Academy that will teach wannabe smartphone journalists all the skills they need. The six-month course is broken down into live fortnightly sessions that will cover everything from smartphone photography to filming interviews, using graphics, live-streaming and podcasting. Guest trainers will also offer pop-up specialised courses on topics like underwater photography, street photography, vlogging techniques, smartphone filmmaking, post-production workflow and colour grading.

Every two weeks, members will be given tasks, feedback and goals for the next live session. If you cannot join live, do not worry - you can always watch the sessions on-demand, although live participation makes learning easier and more fun. At the end of each module, you can also participate in a live interactive quiz and there are prizes worth €50 to be won.

Speaking of prizes, you can win a place worth $200 on the programme that starts next week, 25 January 2022. Just fill in this quick form (or scan this QR code) for your chance to enter the prize draw. The competition closes on Monday 24 January at 11:59 pm GMT.

The community now has more than 50 members, many of whom are well-known MoJo professionals. But you do not need any prior knowledge of mobile journalism to join - the course will start with the basics and you will progressively build up your knowledge. You do not need any gear either - the smartphone you already have in your pocket will be more than enough to get you started.

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