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The MailOnline failed to escape declines across the board, with its monthly traffic figure falling below the 70 million mark

All UK national newspaper websites saw a drop in traffic in September, according to the latest figures released by the Audit Bureau of Circulation, with the MailOnline falling below the 70 million mark.

Both daily and monthly traffic decreased across the board for audited sites in September, when compared to August's figures, with the biggest declines recorded by Mirror Group digital, of 15.34 per cent in daily average browsers and 15.7 per cent in monthly traffic.

The Mail Online saw a 9.77 per cent drop in monthly traffic, taking its monthly figure from almost 75 million in August to 67,606,156 for last month.

Websites for the Telegraph and the Independent also experienced drops of 7.21 per cent and 0.64 per cent respectively in monthly traffic. In August the Telegraph saw the biggest increase in daily traffic and also saw its browser figure for the month rise over the 40 million mark. In September this figure dropped to 37,977,383.

A month-on-month comparison was not available for the Guardian, following its decision to only post the figure every other month, but its daily traffic fell by 4.59 per cent to 2,918,571.

Results for the Times website remain unreported following the introduction of last year's paywall but News International has re-started publishing figures for the Sun website, which reported a daily average of 1,426,130 unique browsers according to ABC, and a monthly average of 22,368,990. The most recent figures available for the Sun's website from ABC, for February 2010, show a monthly average of 1,388,831.

The full figures for audited websites are listed below. The percentage in brackets indicates the month-on-month change compared with August's ABC multi platform report.

Mail Online
Average daily unique browsers: 4,063,480 (-7.74 per cent)
Monthly unique browsers: 67,606,156 (-9.77 per cent)
Average daily unique browsers: 2,918,571 (-4.59 per cent)
Monthly unique browsers: 52,086,069 (N/A)
Average daily unique browsers: 1,994,145 (-7.25 per cent)
Monthly unique browsers: 37,977,383 (-7.21 per cent)

Mirror Group
Average daily unique browsers: 606,268 (-15.34 per cent)
Monthly unique browsers: 12,583,500 (-15.7 per cent)
Average daily unique browsers: 658,113 (-0.99 per cent)
Monthly unique browsers: 14,675,273 (-0.64 per cent)
Average daily unique browsers: 1,426,130 (N/A)
Monthly unique browsers: 22,368,990 (N/A)

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