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You only need glance at the All Male Panels Tumblr to see the lack of gender diversity still evident in public events.

And while women have been vocal on this issue for some time, men are now beginning to add their voices to the protest too, with past examples of popular speakers vowing not to sit on or moderate panels that were not diverse enough.

2021 must be the year we relegate all-male panels to the Mad Men era where they belong.

To help with this (long-overdue) task, below is a list of women and non-binary journalists, editors, and executives who are among the best in their field – and would be brilliant speakers for your next media event.

We carefully curated this list with input from Twitter, Facebook Groups, and some of the many conferences attended by the Journalism.co.uk team.

This list is by no means exhaustive. If there is anyone you think we have missed and would like us to add them to the list, do let us know by tweeting @journalismnews.

And because diversity is not just about gender, we have recommended more resources at the end of this article for building inclusive events where everybody's voice is made to feel welcome.

Editors and executives

Katharine Viner, editor-in-chief, the Guardian (UK)
Zanny Minton Beddoes, editor-in-chief, The Economist (UK)
Janine Gibson, assistant editor, Financial Times (UK)
Alison Overholt, general manager of multiplatform Oprah brand (USA)
Ellis Jones, editor-in-chief, Vice Magazine (USA)
Audrey Cooper, editor-in-chief, WNYC (USA)
Lee Ann Colacioppo, editor-in-chief, The Denver Post (USA)
Emily Ramshaw, co-founder and CEO, The 19th News (USA)
Blathnaid Healy, senior director EMEA, CNN Digital International (UK)
S. Mitra Kalita, co-founder, URL Media (USA)
Gillian Tett, chair, FT Editorial Board (USA); co-founder FT Moral Money (USA)
Cory Haik, chief digital officer, Vice (USA)
Amy O'Leary, strategy and communications, One Project
Liz Heron, independent strategic adviser; board of directors, Coda Story (USA)
Liv Håker, head of digital development, Sunnmørsposten (Norway)
Margarita Noriega, vice president, engagement, CalMatters (USA)
Alison Gow, audience and content director, North West, Reach plc (UK)
Charo Henríquez, editor, newsroom development and support, The New York Times (USA)
Inga Thordar, executive editor, CNN Digital International

Emerging media, mobile and future tech

Sarah Cohen, knight chair in data journalism, Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University (USA)
LaSharah S. Bunting, director of journalism, Knight Foundation (USA)
Carla Zanoni, director of audience development, TED; board president, First Draft (USA)
Amanda Hickman, managing director, AIR Media (USA)
Lauren Rabaino, chief of staff, Vox (USA)
Amy Webb, digital strategist and founder, The Future Today Institute (USA)
Latoya Peterson, cofounder, CXO and director for the culture at Glow Up Games (USA)
Stacy-Marie Ishmael, editor-in-chief, Texas Tribune (USA)
Nathalie Malinarich, digital development editor, BBC News (UK)
Caroline Scott, mobile journalist and GNL teaching fellow (UK)

Multimedia, virtual reality and interactives

Amanda Farnsworth, head of visual and data journalism, BBC News (UK)
Alex Newman, world visuals editor, The Wall Street Journal (USA)
Alexandra Manzano, editorial director for strategy and operations, Politico (USA)
Sumaiya Omar, founder, Hashtag our Stories (UK)
Nonny de la Peña, founder and CEO of Emblematic Group (USA)
Sarah Tuttle-Singer, new media editor, The Times of Israel blog (Israel)

Social media

Cynthia Collins, social media editor, The New York Times (USA)
Rachel Rodriguez, senior producer CNN International (UK)
Tara Mulholland, senior social media journalist CNN International (UK)
Malika Bilal, host of The Take, al Jazeera (USA)
Joanna Geary, senior director of curation, Twitter (UK)
Hannah Ray, director of brand and community, Beams (UK)
Sue Llewellyn, social media coach and consultant; founder and CEO, Ultra Social

Audience engagement and analytics

Melissa Bell, founder, Vox (USA)
Amanda Zamora, co-founder, The 19th News (USA)
Sarah Marshall, head of audience growth, Vogue Global Network, Condé Nast; director of Hacks/Hackers London (UK)
Mary Hamilton, global operations, Audible (UK)
Kate Day, executive editor, UK, Politico Europe (UK/Brussels)
Elinor Shields, head of audience engagement, BBC News (UK)
Denise Law, product manager, Facebook (UK)
Blair Hickman, managing editor, Vox (USA)
Jennifer Brandel, founder and CEO, Hearken (USA)
Alexandra Smith, audience director, The 19th News (USA)
Amalie Nash, senior vice president, local news, USA Today (USA)
Jo Kelly, director of news and sport partnerships, EMEA, Twitter (UK)

Data and investigative journalism

Amy Pyle, national investigations editor, USA Today (USA)
Jennifer LaFleur, data editor, Investigative Reporting Workshop (USA)
Lam Thuy Vo, senior reporter, Buzzfeed News (USA)
Sisi Wei, director of programs, Open News (USA)
Angelica Peralta Ramos, data project manager, La Nación (Argentina)
Florencia Coelho, new media research and training manager, La Nación (Argentina)
Giannina Segnini, journalism professor at Columbia University (USA)
Eva Constantaras, data journalist and trainer, Internews (Turkey)
Mar Cabra, head of data and research unit, International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (Spain)
Claire Miller, deputy head of data journalist, Reach plc (UK)
Heather Brooke, FOI expert (UK)


Carolyn Ryan, deputy managing editor, The New York Times (USA)
Melinda Henneberger, editorial writer and columnist, The Kansas City Star (USA)
Lynn Sweet, columnist and Washington Bureau Chief, Chicago Sun-Times (USA)
Jenna Johnson, national political correspondent covering the 2020 presidential race, Washington Post (USA)
Molly Ball, national political correspondent, TIME (USA)
Lois Beckett, senior reporter, Guardian US (USA)
Juana Summers, political reporter, NPR (USA)


Ann Derry, independent executive producer (USA)
Deborah Bonello, senior editor, VICE World News (Mexico)
Caroline Scott, teaching fellow, Google News Lab (UK)
Corinne Podger, media trainer specialising in mobile journalism, podcasts, social media and media revenue (Australia)
Kassy Cho, journalist and audience strategist (Taiwan)

Podcasting and broadcast

Anya Grundmann, senior vice president for programming and audience development, NPR (USA)
Anna Doble, digital editor, BBC World Service (UK)
Nadia Reiman, reporter and producer, This American Life (USA)
Julie Shapiro, executive producer, Radiotopia (USA)
Kara Swisher, host of "Sway" podcast by New York Times Opinion; opinion writer, The New York Times (USA)
Sandra Sperber, head of audio department, Spiegel Online (Germany)
Arielle Duhaime-Ross, coresspondent and host of VICE News Reports podcast (USA)
Laura Shin, host of Unchained podcast (USA)
Ann Friedman, co-host of Call Your Girlfriend podcast (USA)
Tanit Koch, podcast host, "Die Stunde Null" (Germany)


Emily Bell, director, Tow Centre for Digital Journalism (USA)
Lucy Küng, senior fellow, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (UK)
Mindy McAdams, digital journalism professor, University of Florida (USA)
Jane Singer, professor of journalism innovation, City, University London (UK)
Claire Wardle, co-founder and director, First Draft News (USA)

Other specialisms

Laura Oliver, freelance journalist; co-founder, Society of Freelance Journalists; reporter, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism (UK)
P. Kim Bui, director of audience innovation, AZ Central (USA)
Rukmini Callimachi, reporter, The New York Times (USA)
Carol Rosenberg, senior journalist, The New York Times (USA)
Sacha Pfeiffer, reporter, NPR (USA)
Rachel Sklar, founder and CEO, TheLi.st
Jenni Sargent, managing director, First Draft News
Kristine Lowe, founder of the Norwegian Online News Association (Norway)
Esra Doğramacı, independent digital strategist (UK/Turkey)
Sasha Koren, independent consultant, journalist and digital strategist (USA)
Anne-Sophie Novel, journalist and author "The Media, The World And Me" (France)
Jodie Jackson, academic and author "You Are What You Read" (UK)
Aurore Malval, journalist, Nice Matin (France)
Isabelle Roughol, founder and independent journalist, Borderline podcast and newsletter (UK)
Joyce Adeluwoye-Adams, editor, newsroom diversity, Reuters (UK)

Other resources

Non-white speakers for your next journalism event
Poynter Diversity Bibliography
Media Diversified: Experts Directory
Journalism Diversity Project

Update: This article was updated by Ella Cotton on 9 March 2021 to reflect changes in women's career history. The original version published on 7 June 2016

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