VG newspaper Norway (bomb)

Glass litters the reception of Norway's largest newspaper VG, after the bomb in Oslo

Credit: Kristine Lowe

The offices of VG, Norway's largest newspaper, have been damaged in a bomb blast in Oslo.

The building is opposite the government headquarters severely damaged in the explosion at approximately 3.30pm local time today (22 July), which has killed at least one person, the BBC is reporting.

A journalist from VG has told she is not aware of any journalists or staff from the newspaper being injured.

Kristine Lowe, technology commentator for the paper, described the moment the blast hit.

"There was huge big bang which shook the whole building and lots of things fell down.

"Journalists ran to the window to see what on earth might be happening. We didn't really see anything but eventually saw smoke and thought okay, we should get out of here.

"When we were running down the stairs we saw that the windows facing the government headquarters were smashed and there was smoke.

"We didn't know if it was an attack on VG or an attack on something else so it took a while before it emerged that it was probably an attack on the government headquarters."

Hear Kristine describe what happened in a recording here.

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