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1. Learn from a diverse range of experts

Great things happen when you put brilliant people in a room together. We have more than 30 speakers from a wide range of media organisations big and small, as well as from tech platforms, academia, training organisations and regulatory bodies. Find out Tara Lajumoke’s tips on succeeding with reader revenue, hear Farrah Storr’s predictions for the future of newsletters, and get the inside scoop from leaders at Vice UK, NEED TO KNOW and JOE Media on how to appeal to Gen Z.

Each speaker has been selected for their expertise in their field and the insights they bring. At the time of writing with a near-complete speaker roster, 35 percent of confirmed speakers were non-white, and 60 percent were women or non-binary. We will publish final data on speaker demographics after the event, and we are committed to continuing to make diversity a central element of Newsrewired, because a strong media industry must represent our communities.

2. In-person networking

Virtual events have been fun but nothing replaces those discussions with new and old contacts at a lively conference.

Networking is built in to the Newsrewired experience, with coffee breaks, a long lunch and networking drinks ensuring you have time to digest what you learn and build new relationships.

Introverts, do not despair: our top tip for making the most of the day is to post on social media beforehand to say you will be attending, and share one or two topics you would be keen to chat about or the panel you are most looking forward to. That way, you arrange to catch up with one or two people with similar interests rather than approach people ‘cold’ on the day. 

3. Hands-on learning

We have all had the experience of coming back from a professional event with big ideas buzzing around our heads, but with no idea how to translate those into our day-to-day work.

This is exactly the scenario we aim to avoid. The agenda includes two workshops where you can work closely with experts on AI and first party data strategies, and at every panel event we will devote significant time to audience questions and have briefed every speaker on the need to focus on actionable tips. 

Panelists will be discussing issues that are crucial to the survival of the media - reader revenue, tech platforms, how the news can tackle polarisation, and building resilience as a newsroom manager.

These practical insights are something that previous attendees have said is a real highlight of Newsrewired and what makes it different from your typical industry conference. Head to our website to see the full agenda and start planning your day.

Network with your peers and learn from industry experts at our upcoming digital journalism conference Newsrewired, taking place on 24 May at News UK's stunning 17th-floor building in London. Grab your ticket today.

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