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There is a lot of hype and concern around artificial intelligence and its impact on journalism. There is also plenty of jargon, misconceptions and applications surrounding the tech. 

For journalists and newsrooms to really make the most of artificial intelligence - as well as avoid the pitfalls - they need to approach the technology with a tech product mindset. Journalists, however, have more in common with tech folk than they might first imagine.

In this week's podcast, we speak about this with Christopher Brennan, a former journalist working for BBC World Service, France 24, NY Daily News and The Moscow Times. These days he is the chief product officer for Overtone.

He talks to us about what newsrooms really need to know about AI: the difference between writing and reading AIs, the pros and cons of both, and a word of caution on an emerging concern in "pink slime" - low-quality content pumped out en masse.

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