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Generative AI has been all the rage for the last few years, because - at least within news - it has opened up new creative and imaginative possibilities. It has also improved many existing automation tools like transcription, translation and synthetic voices. AI has also never been more accessible to pick up and play with, as new tools are often simple, cheap and intuitive to use.

Newsrooms of all sizes are looking to harness the new tech but face different barriers that keep them from jumping in. And although applications for AI within journalism are growing, newsrooms still need to be selective with what makes most sense for them.

In this week's podcast, we speak to David Caswell, founder of innovation consultancy StoryFlow and a former executive product manager at BBC News Labs, in a role focused on AI-based initiatives.

He talks to us about what your newsroom must consider to launch AI workflows for news: where do you start introducing AI into your newsroom? How do you empower journalists to use the technology? How do you balance the need to be fast with the need to be responsible? All those questions and more will be answered.

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