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Coronavirus is undoubtedly the biggest topic right now. Audiences seem to be unable to put their smartphones down for fear of missing out on the latest update, and journalists might feel unable to take screenbreaks from their work as they try to keep up.

The last thing on our minds right now is deactivating our social media accounts, or at least restricting our usage of it. But while we sit in self-isolation, a digital detox might be the way to feeling less overwhelmed by the world's events.

In this week's podcast, we talk to Trine Syvertsen, professor of media studies at The University of Oslo, about her new book "Digital Detox: the politics of disconnecting" which will be published next week. She offers practical examples from her research on what motivates people to disconnect from the digital world, how this is possible and what holds people back from truly switching off.

Whether you are guilty of checking work emails on your day off or just glued to your news app, Syvertsen tells you when it might time to self-regulate your digital habits.

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