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The wonderful thing about the medium of audio is how adaptable it is. We are not limited to just podcasts and radio - voice-controlled devices like Alexa and audio briefings on private-messaging platforms, such as Whatsapp, are some of the latest ways news organisations are using audio.

Broadly, however, we can divide audio journalism into two categories: short-form and long-form. It can be anything from a one-minute news briefing to a two-hour podcast. For those hoping to work in audio, a good grounding as to what this means for daily deadlines, interviewing techniques and preparing your guests is a must.

In this week's podcast, we speak to Drew Hyndman, a researcher for BBC News, currently working on BBC Radio 4’s podcast Room 5, a 30 minute show about lives that have been shaped by medical diagnoses. It is a stark contrast to the role he has just finished, working as a producer on BBC Money Box Live, the bitesize radio show about personal finance. 

Stay tuned for tips on developing key skills needed to work within these two different audio lengths.

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