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When Noon was launched two years ago, it was simply a website for women hitting midlife. "The home of the Queenager" - as it was quickly dubbed - was publishing inspirational stories about the possibilities for women in the second halves of their lives. The idea was to show that they are not past their prime, but full of experience, strength and ambition.

In a short space of time and with a small team, the startup has developed many new products and services from a jobs board, to a directory, to an events business, to a book club. And the list goes on. But these are not nice-to-haves. What connects all these products is a solid understanding of what women need at this stage of their lives.

In this week's podcast, we speak to the founder Eleanor Mills, a news industry veteran with more than two decades of experience.

She talks about never losing sight of what matters the most as a news operation expands and evolves. For Noon, that means changing the narrative about women in midlife. Do that well and revenue will follow.

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