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This week saw the highly-anticipated launch of Semafor, a global media brand with grand ambitions to be a highly trusted source of news.

There is a lot of hype around this company since it is co-founded by two household names with stellar track records: Justin Smith, former CEO of Bloomberg, president of The Atlantic and co-founder of Quartz, and Ben Smith, the founding editor-in-chief of BuzzFeed.

Tackling dwindling levels of trust and soaring levels of news avoidance are among its top priorities. It intends to do that with an article format promoting transparency, newsletters fronted by well-known journalists, and a start-up mentality of experimentation. But a lot of this is not exactly original - it is a well-trodden path by other successful digital media startups. What exactly is new?

We hear more about the vision with Semafor's executive editor Gina Chua, a high-profile name who joined after a decade with Reuters in senior editorial and commercial roles.

Semafor's bet is that a clearer and deeper approach to global news will have a ripple effect, earning the trust of readers and their sceptical friends.

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