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From Substack newsletters to websites and podcasts, more and more journalists start up their own independent side-projects.

One of those joining the community of 'indie journalists' is Isabelle Roughol, who launched a multimedia project Borderline in June this year (yes, during the coronavirus pandemic).

She is now building what she describes as a "community for defiant global citizens". Roughol explores themes of multi-culturalism and multi-nationalism, touching on topics like geopolitics and immigration - subjects that 2020 has pulled into sharp focus. Her content goes out onto 12 different platforms.

She currently airs two weekly podcasts, one in French and one in English on a host of podcast platforms. There is also an accompanying Substack newsletter and a YouTube channel where the podcast episodes are re-versioned for video. And to top it off, a Patreon membership where those who sign up get early access to the shows and that allows her to finance her venture.

Roughol had worked for LinkedIn for the past seven years in various editorial positions, with her last role being the international editor. She had taken sabbatical leave at the start of 2020 in search of a new challenge. She founded Borderline six months later armed with the professional know-how she had amassed during her time at the company.

In this week's podcast, she shares some of the lessons from LinkedIn that helped her prepare for going solo. In addition, there is more on how she is building her own personal brand from the ground up and the freedoms and challenges it involves.

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