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It is normal for editors to provide guidance and feedback to help their top talent grow. But this is usually an informal part of the job and can get pushed to the back-burner amongst their many other responsibilities. What if there is an alternative?

In this week's podcast, we speak to Jon Yarker, financial journalist at the content agency Rhotic Media. He has just stepped into a new role as head of editorial development, meaning he will oversee training, mentoring graduates, designing internship programmes and managing degree apprenticeships.

This role has evolved from an informal aspect of his previous position to an established position in the newsroom - much like many other bridge role functions. All this is to say that Rhotic can now more effectively track the growth of junior staff and give them the opportunities they need.

Yarker discusses showing young recruits the ropes, collaborating with different departments and ensuring diverse talent is coming into the workforce.

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