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There are some news stories that leave you scratching your head, and there are others that leave you wanting more. Global business news publisher Quartz has an answer to both scenarios.

It has introduced lots of features to help improve the reader experience. For the crucial topics that readers want to stay on top of, there is the Obsessions section. For stories that need deeper context, it recently rolled out its Essentials feature.

Providing the micro and macro perspective on global business trends is a core reason why Quartz's newsletters have become a magnet for readers. They share the same writing format, which the team internally refer to as "nugs". This approach works so well that three quarters of members convert to paying subscribers because of emails.

With that in mind, Quartz has just expanded its membership to include four exclusive newsletters. In this week's podcast, we are joined by the editor-in-chief Katherine Bell, who tells us more about the power of emails for a membership organisation and how audience insights are shaping the strategy. Plus there is more about how the newsroom uses everyone's expertise when crafting content.

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