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Last month, the Financial Times (FT) announced it had hit 1m digital subscribers, which it described as a "significant moment in its digital transformation".

And that transformation has no plans to slow down. Last week, it brought out a fresh news app, the FT Edit. There, audiences will pay a fraction of the price of a standard subscription, and receive eight handpicked stories to make sense of the news of the day, every day.

For an organisation that publishes 200 daily stories, that is quite the whittling down process. In this week's podcast, we learn what stories make the cut – and which ones do not – with the editor Malcolm Moore.

It has been around a decade since the FT launched its last main news app. A lot has changed in that space of time; our social media feeds are noisier than ever and the FT’s social media channels are full of followers who are yet to commit to a paying subscription.

Moore explains more about how the new app will attempt to build a relationship with these on-the-fence social media audiences.

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