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At the start of the pandemic when our jobs were threatened, many of those who survived the cull felt "lucky to be employed". But as we have slowly started to see jobs returning to a state of normality, people across various industries are leaving their companies.

Why? Because the pandemic has reminded us that salary is not the only reason we should be working for a company. Work-life balance, job satisfaction, and long-term career value are now key factors whether you chose to work with - or stay with - an employer. And remote working has often magnified people's dissatisfaction with their career progress or the existing workplace culture.

In this week's podcast, Mark Herschberg, an MIT instructor and the author of The Career Toolkit, Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You, offers a guide to those of you who are not quite happy in their role, but unsure what to do next. He is an all-round expert on career planning and will walk you through assessing your goals, weighing up your options and putting a career plan in place today.

The free resources on his website are recommended tools to work through as you listen to this episode.

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