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2022 has been a busy year, marked by the fallout from Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter and Russia's invasion of Ukraine. But a lot of other forces are shaping the media industry. As we near the end of the year, it is worth digesting what has happened and looking at what is in store for next year.

Fortunately, the Media Moments Report comes out every year to help crystalise our thoughts, authored by the Media Voices team and published by What's New In Publishing.

Media Voices' Peter Houston joins us on our penultimate episode of the year to talk about four big movers of 2022: advertising, subscriptions, trust and newsletters. They are all interlinked in exciting ways.

While ad revenue has made a bounceback from the covid crash, subscriptions look to take a hit amid the cost of living crisis. 

Both forms of revenue will live and die by news publishers’ ability to win readers' trust. Newsletters continue to stand the test of time thanks to their newfound ad potential, being part of the subscription bundle, and providing a way to cut through the noise on social media.

Tune in for insights on what all this means for your newsroom in 2023 - as well as the full Media Voices podcast episode with all the talking points from the report.

If you have not already, apply for the Media Voices' Publisher Podcast Awards (deadline 16 December 2023) and Publisher Newsletter Awards (more details to be announced in 2023)

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