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Experts play an essential role in the news: they provide knowledge and help us break down complex subjects for our audience. We saw this during the pandemic, but specialists are also crucial for news stories about business, politics or economics.

In this week's podcast, we speak to Nick Huber, a journalist and consultant with more than two decades of experience. As a regular writer for The Financial Times, he has become a specialist himself in many areas of tech, which means he has to regularly interview experts.

The expert interview scenario is one that only requires simple questions and answers from both sides. What we sometimes get are interviewers feeling like they are asking stupid questions or trying to impress the expert. On the other side, the interviewee can sometimes be too arrogant and refuse to answer what they think is an obvious question - a state of mind Huber dubs "expert syndrome".

Tune in for advice on speaking to specialists with confidence, from getting your priorities straight to encouraging experts to answer basic questions.

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