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The Local is a news publication that was founded in 2004. It now has 9 local editions across different European countries serving up local news in the English language. 

It caters mostly towards foreign residents who are starting a new life for themselves in a new country. This can be a difficult and confusing life transition for them, and so the publication has thought carefully about which news products best cater towards those needs. In other words, "product thinking" - how useful it is to readers and listeners.

In this week's podcast, we speak to Paul O'Mahony, editorial product manager, of The Local's Swedish edition. He tells us about the pivotal role of different news products in servings its niche audience. That includes article series like its monthly "What Changes" series, its recent Sweden In Focus podcast, and its membership which has boomed from 13k to 50k over the last two years of the pandemic.

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