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2020 was a tough year for jobs in journalism. The coronavirus pandemic saw reporters furloughed, laid off or taking voluntary redundancy. That said, the media jobs were not that secure even pre-pandemic.

It has brought up a key question for journalists: with the skillset I already have, what else could I do for work if I were to change career?

In this week's podcast, we speak to a journalist-turned-commercial writer who has spent more than 18 years in the trade. Sudakshina Bhattacharjee is now self-employed as a content marketer, having studied and taught journalism in the past.

We hear more about her journey and find out that the world of content marketing is not so different from journalism. Bhattarcharjee explains how it can be a safety net or a new opportunity for savvy digital journalists. Brands and businesses are now looking to hire talented writers who can put their product or service at the centre of a compelling, human story.

For those who see this as moving into the dark side of journalism - or 'brand journalism' as she puts it - her key advice is to have clear ethical boundaries about who you are prepared to work for.

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