More than ever, journalism is a two-way conversation between the publisher and the audience, with people sharing ideas, reactions, personal opinions and experiences.

This one-day course, led by Luke Lewis, UK editor of BuzzFeed and former editor of, demonstrates how you harness the power of your communities on social media.

Luke will share tips and tricks on how to encourage maximum reach and engagement, as well as how to achieve 'cut-through' when many of your rivals are writing about the same topic.

Although the course is aimed at journalists, it would also be suitable for anyone looking to grow an active social media community, including bloggers, PRs, brands and people working for charities or within the public sector.

And in case you are wondering, BuzzFeed UK currently has more than 51,000 fans on Twitter and 75,000 fans on Facebook.

This course is also available as a part of a news:rewired+ package, which includes a ticket to our next news:rewired digital journalism conference on 23 July in London.

What will the course cover?
  • How to grow and engage communities on a variety of social media platforms, with a specific focus on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr
  • How to generate conversation, with examples of various crowdsourcing examples that have been successful at BuzzFeed UK and the NME
  • Understanding social news – how to create posts that go viral on social
  • How to spot a story with the potential for getting lots of attention on social
  • How to craft stories to maximise both traffic and viral distribution
  • Social media optimisation (SMO)
What do I need to bring?
  • You may find it useful to bring a laptop, tablet or smartphone, as well as a notebook to jot down ideas.
Getting there

The nearest Tube station to MSN UK is Victoria, on the Victoria, Circle and District lines.