Behind every great quote is a journalist who knew to ask the right question at the right time. However, developing a good line of questioning takes time and practice to nail down — or perhaps a little bit of advice.

The Solutions Journalism Network (SJN) has recommended 22 conversation techniques and go-to questions distilled from two dozen journalists to try out in your next interview.

Using a technique called ‘looping’, journalist Amanda Ripley recommends using questions such as ‘how do you feel, telling this story?’ or ‘what’s the question nobody is asking?’ to get more depth to your interviewees quotes.

“First, they correct you if you got something wrong, which happens more often than most journalists think,” writes SJN.

“Secondly — when you do this — people feel heard. And then this magical thing happens with humans: when they feel heard, they will open up to you more. They will even hear information that conflicts with their deeply held beliefs.”

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