second string

Times are tough for freelance journalists. An increasing number of writers is chasing a decreasing number of commissions, leaving many with a reduced income.

This course examines ways to boost your income by adding a ‘second string to your bow’, developing and selling other services alongside writing, using the skills you already have in your professional toolbox.

Who is this for?

This is for anyone who wants to boost their income while continuing to work as a freelance journalist; launch a portfolio career and/or start the move to becoming a micro-business with a range of revenue streams. This course is suitable for those starting out in journalism or those looking to make a change in their career. 

Why do this course?

Who would not like to make more money? Do not waste the skills you have spent years developing when they can be put to use to make you more cash – and possibly make your career more varied and your income stream more consistent.

Course duration: 2 x 3-hour session online taking place Friday 10 and Friday 17 September, 10am-1pm.

Session 1:

  • Why develop additional revenue streams?
  • Side-hustle or distraction? What are the potential downsides?
  • What transferrable skills do we have as journalists?
  • What other skills do you have that could provide a ‘second string’?
  • What revenue-generating activity might your skills lend themselves to?
  • Popular ‘second strings’ for journalists – from copywriting and PR to training, speaking and presenting – and the pros and cons of each
  • Deciding which avenues might be right for you
  • Setting research project before session 2
  • Q&A

Session 2:

  • What have you decided to pursue as a new revenue stream?
  • Reviewing what you have done since session 1
  • Finding contacts and clients for your services
  • Promoting your new services – marketing and personal branding skills
  • Moving from ‘freelancer’ to ‘micro-business’ – what do you need to know and do?
  • Resources for running a business – where to get help
  • Next steps to launch your ‘second string’
  • Q&A

Getting there

2 x 3-hour session online taking place Friday 10 and Friday 17 September, 10am-1pm via Zoom.

About Steve Bustin

Steve Bustin

Steve Bustin started his career as a researcher and broadcast journalist for BBC News before becoming self-employed and running parallel income streams from freelance journalism, PR and training.

He now combines these with a career as a high-profile public speaker and event compere.

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