"I had no idea there was so much to making Instagram work for you, things nobody tells you. Thank you! That’s really opened my eyes and is already making a big difference."

Instagram: for you and your business

Do you feel like your Instagram account could do with a bit of a boost? Are you struggling to get much engagement on your posts and Stories? Or maybe you are confused about how to use hashtags and audience engagement strategies effectively? Then this is the course for you.

Course description

Designed and led by Sue Llewellyn, a former BBC journalist turned social media coach and consultant, this course will help you create more engaging, shareable content and to develop a clear and effective strategy that will deliver results.

Aimed at comms professionals, journalists, entrepreneurs, start-ups, charities and SME’s this course is perfect for anyone with a passion, a story to tell or a business that needs a great presence on Instagram. In fact, it is for anyone who wants to be able to generate more engaging, shareable content and to tell compelling and emotionally engaging stories.

What will the course cover?

  • A brief overview of the visual media landscape: current trends, user habits and behaviours
  • An audit of your current performance and deep dive into how to use Instagram Insights to improve your reach and engagement
  • Suggestions on finding your voice, honing your style and optimising your profile
  • Guidance on identifying target audiences, partners and influencers
  • Insight into the art of great storytelling and the science of hashtags
  • Tips on what makes shareable visual content and how to create it
  • Practical storyboarding tips for creating engaging Instagram Stories and IGTV
  • And an ‘Ultra Social Instagram Strategy Workbook’ packed with creative apps, tips and techniques to optimise your workflow and content

You will come away with:

  • A clear idea of how to plan and implement a truly effective Instagram strategy
  • Heaps of creative ideas and proven techniques for improving your Instagram and working the algorithm
  • Increased confidence to create better photos and use video effectively
  • Suggestions for how to improve the discoverability and shareability of your content
  • And loads of examples and case studies of how others are using it and how you can adopt, adapt and improve your offering, build your network and grow your Instagram community

Course format

As with all Sue Llewellyn’s Journalism.co.uk courses, the training emphasises strategic, practical, supportive learning and will be delivered in two parts via Zoom on Tuesday 22 June and Tuesday 29 June from 9am to 12.30pm BST.

Getting there

This an online course that will be delivered in two parts via Zoom on Tuesday 22 June and Tuesday 29 June from 9am to 12.30pm BST.

About Sue Llewellyn

Sue Llewellyn is a former BBC journalist who spent 15 years in the TV newsroom.

Since 2008 she’s been helping leadership teams develop social media strategies and led a wide range of training initiatives to inspire and empower others to ‘Get Social’.

She introduced Twitter to the BBC Newsroom and since 2009 has been responsible for designing and leading social media training across the corporation. Aside from the BBC, her clients include The Wellcome Trust, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Team GB, The Jockey Club and many other small businesses and start-ups.

To date, she has personally trained over 6,000 people including many of the top names in British broadcasting. Find her on Twitter @suellewellyn


 "With a mix of information and stats, case studies and examples of best practice, Sue was able to cover a huge amount of ground in a short session. And I’m already seeing results."

"Thanks for all your help - we all thought it was a great course. Incredibly useful and full of practical tips."

"Excellent course. Sue's a great communicator and trainer."

"Sue Llewellyn is an excellent trainer with a wealth of knowledge of social media, which she delivers in a very thorough, informative and kind way. The content was exactly what I was looking for and I could instantly visualise how I could use every tip or advice from Sue. She is also a great communicator, making sure we had hands-on training too, allowing us to take time to create our own Instagram Stories and explaining every step of the way."