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Adam Smith and Fréderic Michel to appear before Leveson

Former special advisor to the culture secretary and News Corporation's head of public affairs to appear before inquiry on Thursday (24 May)

Posted by Sarah Marshall on 18/05/12

Hunt to hand over Smith emails and texts to Leveson

Culture secretary tells reporters he 'will be handing over all my private texts and emails to my special adviser' Adam Smith

Posted by Rachel McAthy on 27/04/12

Jeremy Hunt: 'The idea I was backing BSkyB bid is laughable'

In a statement to the House of Commons, culture secretary Jeremy Hunt dismissed accusations 'there was a back channel through which News Corporation was able to influence decisions' in relation to its bid for BSkyB

Posted by Rachel McAthy on 25/04/12

Jeremy Hunt's special advisor resigns: BSkyB bid activities 'went too far'

Adam Smith, special advisor to culture secretary Jeremy Hunt, who the Leveson inquiry heard was often the point of contact for News Corp during the BSkyB bid, said his activities 'at times went to far'

Posted by Rachel McAthy on 25/04/12

Ofcom calls for submissions to plurality review

Broadcast regulator is inviting submissions to a consultation on media ownership and plurality requested by the culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt

Posted by Joel Gunter on 21/10/11

Hunt calls for new cross-platform media regulation

Culture secretary Jeremy Hunt calls on media regulator Ofcom to propose new media plurality measures which can be applied across all forms of the media

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 15/09/11

News Corp withdraws BSkyB bid amid mounting opposition

Bid for full control of broadcaster withdrawn ahead of Commons vote on government-backed Labour motion

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 13/07/11

Cameron: News Corp should forget merger and 'clear up mess'

David Cameron calls on News Corporation to get its 'house in order' during lively prime minister's questions

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 13/07/11

Labour MP criticises BBC for not taking hacking seriously

Tom Watson singles out BBC political editor Nick Robinson for 'missing the story of his life'

Posted by Joel Gunter on 13/07/11

News Corp Australian arm reviews spending after allegations

News Limited chairman John Hartigan says he has 'no reason to suspect any wrongdoing' at the company

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 13/07/11

Government to back Labour's motion against BSkyB bid

Ed Miliband calls for Rupert Murdoch 'to recognise the feelings of the public' and withdraw BSkyB bid

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 12/07/11

Hunt refers BSkyB bid to Competition Commission

Jeremy Hunt sends BSkyB bid to Competition Commission as News Corp withdraws its undertakings to spin off Sky News

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 11/07/11

Met accuses Standard of undermining investigation

Scotland Yard says Evening Standard story on News of the World paying royal protection officers represents a deliberate attempt to undermine investigation

Posted by Joel Gunter on 11/07/11

Jeremy Hunt goes back to Ofcom for 'advice' on BSkyB bid

The culture secretary contacts Ofcom and Office of Fair Trading to take another look at News Corps' bid for BSkyB

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 11/07/11

Phone hacking: Government rejects calls for delay to BSkyB bid

Government whip rejects emergency House of Lords question over delaying bid process but says that a decision will not be rushed

Posted by Joel Gunter on 07/07/11

Murdoch backs Brooks over phone-hacking allegations

News Corp chairman says alleged phone hacking is 'deplorable and unacceptable' but indicates that Brooks will continue to lead News International

Posted by Joel Gunter on 06/07/11

Ofcom 'closely monitoring' phone-hacking claims with regard to BSkyB bid

Broadcasting regulator acknowledges it has 'a duty to be satisfied that the holder of a broadcasting licence is fit and proper'

Posted by Joel Gunter on 06/07/11

Cameron acknowledges need for phone hacking inquiry

Prime minister said this morning that an inquiry was needed but warned it could jeopardise the current police investigation

Posted by Joel Gunter on 06/07/11

Hunt will 'pay a very high political price' for BSkyB decision, warns MP

MP Tom Watson warns Hunt he will pay 'a very high political price' if he allows the BSkyB News Corp merger

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 30/06/11

Jeremy Hunt ready to give News Corp go-ahead for BSkyB takeover

Hunt said in a statement today that he plans to give News Corp's bid a green light, subject to a minor new consultation

Posted by Joel Gunter on 30/06/11

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Labour calls for amendments to media takeover rules

Shadow culture secretary Ivan Lewis calls for cross-party support for amendment to media takeover rules

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 30 August 2011

Prime Minister's statement to House of Commons in full

David Cameron recalled MPs before the summer recess to discuss the developing issues relating to phone hacking. Here is his full statement read to the House of Commons before the debate: With permission, Mr Speaker, I would like to make a statement. Over the past two weeks, a torrent of revelations and allegations has engulfed [...]

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 20 July 2011

Jeremy Hunt considering impact of News of the World closure on BSkyB bid

Culture secretary Jeremy Hunt is now considering the BSkyB takeover bit as the latest consultation closed at noon today

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 8 July 2011

NUJ to protest against green light for News Corp's BSkyB takeover

The National Union of Journalists is planning to protest outside the Department of Culture, Media and Sport headquarters in London, over News Corp's BSkyB takeover bid

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 30 June 2011

Financial Times: Clearance on BSkyB bid delayed by at least two weeks

Department for Culture, Media and Sport and Ofcom require more information about the merger remedy offered by News Corp before the company's BSkyB bid can go ahead

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 10 May 2011

Guardian: Shadow culture secretary calls for end to politics in media takeovers

Jeremy Hunt considers ending politicians' quasi-judicial role as part of new Communications Bill

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 21 April 2011

Vince Cable on Telegraph recording: "I thought about resigning"

Vince Cable was stripped of the responsibility for making a decision over News Corp's bid for BSkyB after comments made to Telegraph reporters

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 18 April 2011

Guardian: Telegraph journalists 'provisionally cleared' by leak investigation

Telegraph journalists have been 'provisionally cleared' by an internal investigation into how recordings of Vince Cable 'declaring war' on Rupert Murdoch were picked up by the BBC

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 2 March 2011

Telegraph: Sky News to be 'hived off' into independent trust

The Telegraph reports proposals to 'hive off' Sky News into an independent trust as part of News Corporation's bid for full ownership of BSkyB

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 2 March 2011

New Statesman: Lay off Murdoch, says leaked Labour memo

New Statesman's Dan Hodges claims to have obtained an email sent on behalf of Ed Miliband's director of strategy Tom Baldwin warning Labour spokespeople to avoid linking hacking with the BSkyB bid

Posted by Joel Gunter on 2 February 2011

News Corp's BSkyB bid: a timeline

Dipity timeline showing progress of the BSkyB bid

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 25 January 2011

BECTU calls on members to take action over BSkyB takeover bid

Media and entertainment union BECTU urges members to contact MPs calling for referral of News Corp's BSkyB bid to the competition commission

Posted by Joel Gunter on 18 January 2011

Peston: Ofcom has recommended BSkyB bid go to competition commission, that is a fact

Robert Peston insists Ofcom sending News Corp's BSkyB bid to the Competition Commission is not just speculation

Posted by Joel Gunter on 13 January 2011

Stephen Glover: 'Attack Google too, if you value privacy'

Stephen Glover critiques the Murdoch backlash in his Independent column, and suggests those opposing the BSkyB bid should consider how Google affects privacy

Posted by Alice Vincent on 10 January 2011

MediaGuardian: What do the new phone-hacking developments mean for News Corp's Sky bid?

Guardian suggests political risks to Jeremy Hunt as phone-hacking scandal tarnishes News Corp's takeover bid for BSkyB

Posted by Alice Vincent on 7 January 2011

News Corp Sky bid: Church of England weighs in

Church media spokesman the Bishop of Manchester, the Right Rev Nigel McCulloch, said if the bid were accepted it would 'place News Corp in a position of dominance'

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 23 November 2010

Telegraph: Blocking Sky bid may jeopardise News Corp UK investment, warns James Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch’s son James, who heads News Corporation’s Europe and Asia operations, warned that it could relocate some of its most innovative projects to more “welcoming” countries if its bid for Sky is blocked by the UK, according to a report by the Telegraph. Earlier this month, business secretary Vince Cable issued an intervention notice [...]

Posted by Rachel Bartlett on 18 November 2010

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