Deborah Bonello
Why did you choose to become a freelancer?
I worked as a media business journalist in London for nearly ten years, for most of the trade magazines and some of the broadsheets.

I worked both as staff and as freelancer, but was frustrated by the desk-based nature of most of the work. I lusted for foreign climes and, frankly, the exotic and found the 9-5 grind too much - it got me down.

If you trained, where? If not, how did you become a freelancer?
I trained on the job, and started off as a reporter for an online news service. That's how I learned to interview, write, analyse and so forth.

The internet has always been something I have used, as well as something I have covered from a business and creative angle, so I have been lucky and attentive enough to pick up things along the way.

Do you specialise in any particular field and what areas do you write about?
I specialize in all things Mexican and am based in Mexico City. I'm also one of the few truly multi-media journalists on the freelance beat, using WordPress, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, PayPal, Blip.TV and Youtube to get my content out - all of which are free tools.

Which publications have you been published in?
The Guardian, FT Creative Business (no longer exists), the Los Angeles Times (video), BBC Online, BBC World (radio), CNN Traveler, Press Gazette, Campaign, Media Week, New Media Age, Revolution, The News (in Mexico), Inside Mexico (in Mexico) and of course, The Frontline Club blog network and

Which articles, in which publication, are you the most proud of?
I am most proud of my video work for the Los Angeles Times because this has been the most innovative, multimedia work that I have done and it was won purely on the basis of the quality of the work on

What are the best and worst aspects of freelancing?
The worst aspect of freelancing is the uncertainty. The best aspect about freelancing is the uncertainty - because with it comes both freedom and excitement and the opportunity to innovate and break new ground.

Do you have any interesting anecdotes in relation to your experience as a freelancer?
Plenty, but better still, some advice: Teach yourself the mechanics of multi-media - video, photography, social networking sites, Twitter and so forth - because that is the future and no-one else is going to teach you!

Update 21/07/08 - Deborah Bonello is no longer a freelance journalist.

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