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Tip: Become an Online Advance Search pro

These clever online search tools will help you find accurate and reliable information about people and placesĀ 

Posted by Hilal Seven on 10/01/22

Tip: Fact-checking 101

Doing your background research is only the step to verifying whether online information is true or not

Posted by Samuel Ketch on 15/11/21

Ethiopian fact-checkers wage an unequal war against Facebook misinformation

In a country where Facebook is the main source of online news, hoaxes are widespread and verifying digital content is tough. But a small group of journalists at HaqCheck rose up to the challenge

Posted by Osama Gaweesh on 15/07/21

Viral Facts Africa fights covid infodemic with emojis and animated messages

A collaborative project experiments with shareable social content to tackle the spread of coronavirus misinformation on the continent

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 12/05/21

How covid-19 has accelerated encroachments on media freedom

On World Press Freedom Day, Damian Radcliffe looks at how governments around the world leveraged the pandemic to undermine public trust in journalism and science

Posted by Damian Radcliffe on 03/05/21

Does truth equal trust?

We like to believe that giving our audiences cold hard facts will win their trust. The reality is more complicated

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 30/03/21

Tip: How to challenge claims

Sometimes statements hide the truth and you need a healthy dose of scepticism to sort out the facts from fiction

Posted by Nathan Clarke on 24/02/21

'Give Ofcom the power to demand Facebook to explain its algorithms', Full Fact urges UK parliament

To help tackle harmful disinformation online, social platforms must be transparent about how they moderate misleading content and who is responsible for errors

Posted by Jacob Granger on 23/02/21

Inside The Washington Post's award-winning visual forensic team

"It is a mistake to create this bifurcated world of text and visuals when so many huge news stories play out in a way where they are caught on camera"

Posted by Jacob Granger on 12/02/21

BBC director-general: "We are activists for impartiality"

Social media users care little about the difference between a personal and commercial Twitter account. So journalists need to refrain from sharing polarising views to help win back public trust

Posted by Jacob Granger on 12/01/21

Seven free tools for journalists to try in 2021

Upgrade your editing arsenal and organise your schedule at no extra cost with this round-up of mobile apps and online resources

Posted by Jacob Granger on 05/01/21

What did First Draft learn from fact-checking the US 2020 election?

The organisation debunked false claims around ballot stuffing and voter fraud and posted them out on a private Twitter account. We caught up with special projects editor Jasper Jackson to talk about how this event shaped the future of news verification

Posted by Jacob Granger on 11/11/20

Fact-based journalism more vital than ever for 2020 US election

US newsrooms are bracing themselves for a torrent of misinformation and conspiracy theories headed their way

Posted by Jamie Wiseman on 09/10/20

Megan Marrelli, program manager of Meedan, on fact-checking health information during covid-19

As there is still so much we do not know about the coronavirus, Meedan's Digital Health Lab answers journalists' burning questions on 'mid-information' - a science that is still largely unknown

Posted by Jacob Granger on 24/09/20

Our.News creates 'nutritional' fact-checking labels to help audiences make healthier news consumption choices

Want to know exactly what makes up your media diet? This tool breaks down all the 'ingredients' of online articles to fight misinformation and build readers' trust

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 05/08/20

Five covid-19 newsletters to subscribe to

Getting overwhelmed or bogged down by coronavirus coverage? These email updates provide clarity, fact-checks and an expert take on the pandemic in bite-sized chunks

Posted by Marcela Kunova and Jacob Granger on 06/04/20

Hazel Baker, head of UGC newsgathering at Reuters, on fighting covid-19 mis- and disinformation

In a climate of fear, conspiracy theories fester and audiences often share false information in good faith. Reuters reflects on the variety of ways reporters working from home can separate fact from fiction

Posted by Jacob Granger on 02/04/20

International Fact-Checking Day: eight resources for verifying information

From news labels to toolkits, this selection of free tools can help reporters identify and debunk false information

Posted by Daniel Green on 02/04/20

Turkish fact-checker experiments with offline formats to reach new audiences

By producing videos for public transport, Teyit hopes to capture diverse groups of people lost to online algorithms

Posted by Daniel Green on 18/03/20

Mark McAdam, broadcaster at Sky Sports News, on reporting football transfer stories

Sources, rumours and Deadline Day: the January transfer window is full of twists and turns. Here is how teams verify leads and go to air with accurate information

Posted by Jacob Granger on 27/02/20

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