News verification

Tip: A fact-checker's guide to spotting manipulated video

At a time when false information presents itself in different ways, The Washington Post explains what journalists must look out for and how to take action

Posted by Jacob Granger on 20/01/20

Tip: Spot fake images surrounding the US-Iran conflict using your smartphone

Bookmark this citizens guide to checking social media posts with the device that is already in their back pockets

Posted by Jacob Granger on 09/01/20

Misinformation vs. media studies: on teaching to fish

How can we give young people the critical skills to become resilient to information disorder?

Posted by Julian McDougall on 23/12/19

‘Journalism is at risk because it is increasingly disconnected from society’

Jesper Doub, Facebook’s director of news partnerships, EMEA, on why the media is losing people’s trust and what we all can do about it

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 06/12/19

Jenni Sargent, managing director at First Draft, on language around false claims, reaching sceptical audiences and collaboration

As the UK 2019 election is approaching, we spoke to Sargent about the most efficient ways to tackle misinformation (and yes, it involves working with rival journalists)

Posted by Marcela Kunova and Daniel Green on 14/11/19

Tip: 10 steps to fact-check politicians' claims

As Britain prepares to head to the polls next month, here are some best practices for keeping readers accurately informed during election season

Posted by Daniel Green on 12/11/19

Weekly journalism news update: Future News Fund, audience growth and fact-checking the US 2020 election

Pushed for time? Catch up with the weekly media news coverage from

Posted by Jacob Granger on 08/11/19

First Draft launches campaign to equip journalists with verification skills ahead of US 2020 election

Following fact-checking projects in France, Brazil and Nigeria, CrossCheck plans masterclasses and simulations to prepare journalists for election season in the US

Posted by Daniel Green on 06/11/19

How to get your news organisation set up on WhatsApp

The Telegraph and The Washington Post are establishing themselves on private platforms to reach new audiences - here is how you can join them

Posted by Jacob Granger on 05/11/19

Weekly journalism news update: Newsletter strategies, remote podcasting and deepfakes

Pushed for time? Catch up with the weekly media news coverage from

Posted by Daniel Green on 18/10/19

Hazel Baker, head of UGC newsgathering at Reuters, on deepfakes, misinformation and verification

Ahead of the Newsrewired conference, Baker talks about the challenges posed by misinformation during breaking news events and the emergence of deepfakes

Posted by Daniel Green on 17/10/19

Fact-checking around the world: robo-checking, community meetings and Telegram

How five organisations from four continents are identifying and dealing with false claims and misinformation specific to their region

Posted by Daniel Green on 09/10/19

World News Day: Misinformation, mobile journalism and mental health

To mark the day which celebrates the impact of news organisations everywhere, rounds up ten of the most important industry trends

Posted by Daniel Green on 27/09/19

Tool for journalists: Credder, for ranking credible and non-credible articles

This new Google Chrome plug-in allows news readers to rate pieces of journalism out of five and give the reasons why - producing a 'mould vs gold' leaderboard of journalists and news outlets

Posted by Jacob Granger on 25/09/19

How to use solutions journalism to report on responses to social problems

From finding the right interviewee to asking the right questions, the Solutions Journalism Network explains how to report on what is going right

Posted by Jacob Granger on 19/09/19

Just how effective is YouTube's new fact-checking feature?

Piloted in India, the news verification function alerts users when their search topic is a hoax. But measuring its success can be tricky

Posted by Daniel Green on 12/09/19

Audience engagement, podcasts, and private messaging: boost your social media strategy

As audiences increasingly access news via their social feeds, digital media consultant Matt Navarra advises on how to leverage the power of platforms

Posted by Daniel Green on 05/09/19

Tip: Avoid spreading false news about hurricanes

Follow these five tips to fact-check hoaxes and fight misinformation during a natural disaster

Posted by Daniel Green on 05/09/19

What does content verification mean in the age of deepfakes?

Reuters head of UGC newsgathering joins Newsrewired to talk about fact-checking, AI-altered videos and how quality journalism can thrive in the fake news era

Posted by Marcela Kunova on 15/08/19

Facebook's content verification efforts still insufficient to fight false news

Almost three years after its launch, the third-party fact-checking programme does not provide all the tools and strategies needed to help users spot online misinformation

Posted by Daniel Green on 12/08/19

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