Here at, we love a good newsletter.

Those bite-sized summaries and tidbits to help ease into your day and bring you up to speed, whilst nursing your morning coffee.

It can also be a great source for us to find interesting editorial content, from tips to tools, to our next podcast guest.

So we turn our attention to the must-read newsletters in our inboxes to help us keep our finger on the pulse of the industry. Here are some best picks to help journalists stay up to date:

Global Editors Network

Once every Thursday, GEN gives you the latest news on media innovation, starting with a main story from their own editorial output. Its follow up ‘what are we up to’ section outlines their forthcoming events to keep your calendar busy.

It also has a ‘worth a click’ section which points you to other interesting reads from across the industry on other project or big talking points. It is always nice when gets a mention here.

Get the roundup of the most interesting stories on the media industry

Tools for Reporters

Every other week, Tools for Reporters does exactly what it says on the tin.

It will recommend some handy newsroom resources for journalists everywhere, carefully weighing up the pros and cons of each.

From to-do lists to GIF makers, there are a wide variety of tools for everyday lifesavers, hacks and shortcuts. Well worth trying out a few of their suggestions to make your workflow slightly smoother.

Trying out this to-do list tool is on my to-do list

The Social Status

It is early days for this Revue-powered newsletter, but Adriana Lacy, audience engagement editor, Los Angeles Times, runs a tight shift on all things happening on the digital media front.

From making noise on Snapchat to putting the spotlight on local reporting, The Social Status promises insights and highlights from an active industry professional.

A newsletter talking about newsletters

Atlantic 57

Five quick takes, seven days a week. Atlantic 57 covers right across the board of media, communication and technology.

For journalists, this can help get a grip of spaces we are still trying to understand in a wider context. For example, the 'powerstat' provides a glimpse into the smart speakers space, where a tech market forecasts a 82.4 per cent rise in 'installation base'. Now that is some pause for thought.

Elsewhere, there are categories including 'trend watch', 'news you can use', 'perspectives' and a 'week in our office'. But if all of that seems too much, there is one short essential read simply called 'if you read one thing'. This can supply a short burst of inspiration, like why there is still life left in your old articles.

'if you read one thing'

European Journalism Centre (EJC)

As an organisation at the heart of European innovation with its EJA grant scheme, the EJC is well placed to point you to some of the best up-and-coming forward thinkers, early adopters, commentators and trailblazers.

Its newsletter is fully customisable so you only receive exactly what you have ordered. Pick from upcoming events, funding opportunities, training resources, exclusive EJC strategies and expert analyses, and you should not be in the dark about what is on-trend in European journalism.

Toggle what you want to receive updates about

Solution Set

Brought to you by the Lenfest Institute for Journalism and the Solutions Journalism Network, Solution Set is a weekly dive into the next best ideas in journalism both in the US and internationally, in a solutions journalism style.

It looks at news organisations as case examples who have found clever solutions to those evergreen topics: revenue, collaboration, products and community.

The newsletter will stories which are nicely divided up so you can pick and choose the TLDR summary (too long didn’t read) or the more in-depth dive if you have more time on your hands.

'Too long didn't read it'


If you are after the latest information about fact-checking, look no further than Factually, a newsletter published weekly by Poynter and the American Press Institute.

It brings the most recent mis- and dis-information stories from around the web and features debunking initiatives, as well as tools and techniques to help you fact-check your own social media or work.

Its 'Fact vs. Fake' section, which "analyses five of the top-performing fact checks on Facebook to see how their reach compared to the hoaxes they debunked," often makes for a fun, albeit a teeny bit shocking, read.

Finally, 'Quick hits' features 10 tips, tricks and tools for fact-checking around the world.

News about 'fake news'

Reuters Community

For a nice blend of video and written articles featuring the top players in the media industry and their views on challenges we all face, the Reuters Community newsletter fits the bill.

It also serves up behind-the-scenes stories about Reuters' work, information about events, and a 'Reuters Connect' section featuring the hottest news from around the world.

Keep an eye out for the 'Industry news from around the web' section, which can help journalists everywhere stay in the loop.

Get the knowledge from top experts

Nieman Lab

To the surprise of no-one, no newsletter compilation would be complete without Nieman Lab. It is a go-to place to be clued up on digital media, and all the other interesting articles doing the rounds in their newsroom.

Opt in to daily or weekly updates, and you should find inspiring projects and thought-provoking content in your inbox in no time.

Great to see getting mentioned in Nieman Labs

We were not seriously going to leave ourselves out, were we?

Our newsletter is a daily slice of our site, offering our most recent headlines, tip of the day, newsrewired information, industry press releases and the latest journalism jobs and media courses. What else could you ask for in one neat package?

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